The Comprehensive Automotive Service Industrial Park Project of the Eastern Automotive City Creates New Scenario for Automotive Consumption in Changchun.

Updated : 2023-06-30Source : CCFAO
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Located at the intersection of Shengtai Avenue and Tianze Road in Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the largest one-stop physical trading service complex for second-hand cars in Northeast China is currently undergoing intensive decoration and attracting investment. It is soon to be put into operation, providing a fresh driving experience and new consumption scenarios for the 2 million car owners in the southeastern part of Changchun.

The Comprehensive Automotive Service Industrial Park Project of the Eastern Automotive City is one of the major projects implemented by our city as part of efforts to grasp the "new four modernizations" trends in the automotive industry and vigorously promote "quality-promoting" project of the automotive industry cluster. The project aims to build a multifunctional and experiential commercial complex integrating car sales, after-sales maintenance, and second-hand car transactions. The construction of the project is currently progressing smoothly, and partial operations are expected to commence within the year, injecting new momentum into Changchun's automotive aftermarket.

The industrial park covers an area of 86,500 square meters with a total construction area of 220,000 square meters. It consists of 12 above-ground buildings and a central plaza, with a total investment of RMB 1.93 billion. Among them, the construction of Building 1, namely the Yihaoche Second-hand Car Sales Center, is nearing completion and will become the largest second-hand car exhibition hall in our city. By October, the "Yihaoche" business unit will be ready for operation.

The "Yihaoche" second-hand car sales center, a five-story building, spans an area of 64,000 square meters. The first to fourth floors are dedicated to second-hand car sales exhibition hall, while the fifth floor houses the used car preparation center. Currently, the 4,000-square-meter office space is undergoing ceiling installation, lighting fixtures, and wall finishing. The Vehicle Administration Office of Changchun Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment is set to establish a branch in Jingyue district, allowing more than 2 million car owners in the southeastern part of our city to conveniently handle vehicle-related matters.

In terms of functional layout, in addition to the second-hand car-related business, the industrial park also includes two other sectors: "Happy Land" and "Happiness Lane." "Happy Land" focuses on trendy experiential projects such as high-standard go-karting, themed trampolines, and fitness parks. "Happiness Lane" is a commercial street that supports the automotive service industry with distinctive dining, bars, leisure, shopping, and office amenities. It creates a new business model that integrates automotive, sports, dining and leisure, and retail shopping.

This industrial park fills the gap in the southeastern part of Changchun where car-related services were previously unavailable. Once completed, it will become the largest one-stop physical trading automotive service complex for second-hand cars in northeast China. The process of selling, buying, inspection, maintenance, registration, and other services can be completed in one comprehensive and convenient location. After its initial phase is formally put into operation, the industrial park is expected to sell thousands of second-hand cars annually and generate over 3,000 job positions.