Changchun National Optoelectronic Industry Base

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As the cradle of optoelectronic technologies of China, Changchun, after several decade years of development, has become an increasingly famous incubator of talents for optoelectronic industry of China. In June 2004, Changchun was authorized as an optoelectronic industry base, and in August 2005 Changchun successfully held the 20th International Optoelectronics Conference. With unique advantages and great market potential for optoelectronic industry, Changchun is expected to bring investors greater business opportunities.

Changchun has innovative abilities to promote the development of optoelectronic technologies and optoelectronic industry. In Changchun, there are 27 institutions of higher learning, 19 open laboratories for the key national scientific research projects and 410,000 professionals of all varieties. As for optoelectronics, Changchun has three key national laboratories established with 35 related disciplines. Changchun has the largest research institute for optoelectronics and the only university in China with majors particularly known for optoelectronics. In such advantageous subjects as optoelectronic display technologies, luminescence, modern applied optoelectronics and optoelectronic engineering, Changchun has accumulated sufficient experience along with having made a batch of innovative achievements with proprietary intellectual property rights.
Changchun has maintained sound momentum in the development of optoelectronic information industry which has grown up on the basis of the achievement of industrialization of self-innovated technological findings. Among the 500-plus kinds of optoelectronic products having been put into market, 80% are made with self-innovated technologies. Since 2,000, Changchun has averagely launched 30 kinds of optoelectronic and information technology products every year, which mainly cover optoelectronic display components, upstream and downstream products, optoelectronic components and materials, optoelectronic appliances, apparatuses and equipment, auto electronics, embedded soft wares and so on. In terms of the optoelectronic display components as well as the upstream and downstream products, Changchun has an outstanding fleet engaged in research and development of flat display technologies. The products cover TFT-LCD, CSTN-LCD, OLED, PLED, WLED, and luminescent Materials, etc. Changchun is an important base for research and development of LCD technologies in China. In optoelectronic components and fundamental materials, Changchun can conduct research and development along with manufacturing over 100 kinds of products (90% are leading products in China and some are as advanced as international levels) such as all-solid-state lasers, optoelectronic coders, fingerprint identity modules, UV-written in-fiber Bragg gratings, colored optical glass, optoelectronic crystal and coating materials, fluorescent powder and electroluminescent materials and so on. In optoelectronic appliances, apparatuses and equipment, Changchun mainly research and manufacture optoelectronic medical apparatuses and equipment, electrochemical apparatuses, geological apparatus, high-temperature metallographic microscopes, MPT spectrum apparatuses, night vision apparatuses, fingerprint identifying apparatus, automotive appliances and apparatuses, COG bonding machines and laser trimmers and so on.

Auto electronics, with automotive body electronic system, vehicular electronic system and automotive control system and so on as the core, has been given high priority in the development of the optoelectronic industry of Changchun.

In terms of software, products in such fields as biological identification, information security, and embedded software combined with vehicular communication and optoelectronic technology and auto electronics and so on have become famous brands. With development of the five advantageous fields, Changchun has opened the door to investors in research and development centers and product tests as well as construction of public platforms, industrialization of the key scientific findings, venture investment and introduction of manufacturers of terminal products. A variety of ways are possible to use for foreign investors to open wholly-invested, jointly-invested and cooperative businesses.

Changchun has sound environment for investment. As the national optoelectronic industry base, Changchun enjoys the particularly supportive national incentive policies and special policies tailor-made for the rejuvenation of the old industrial base in Northeast China. In November 2003, China launched the strategy to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China. Under such circumstance, depreciation life of the fixed assets of industries and enterprises in the region of Northeast China can be shorted on the basis of that currently stipulated according to a proportion of not higher than 40%, and added value tax deduction policy is available as well. In 2005, in order to support LCD industry China carried out such supportive policies as customs free for import of TFT materials, customs and added value tax free for import of purification equipment, allowance of life depreciation of three years as well as an increase of 17% from 13% of drawback of export of LCD products and so on. In August 2005, Changchun listed optoelectronic information industry as one of the pillar industries which shall be particularly supported in the future Five-Year Plan.

Taking the development zones as the main carrier, Changchun will provide investors with supporting facilities, services as well as national level industrial policies.

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