Changchun National Biomedicine Industry Base

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On June 9, 2005, China Development and Reform Committee officially unveiled the announcement authoring Changchun as one of the first batch of national biomedicine industry bases in China, which marks that the biomedicine industry of Changchun has been listed into the national overall plan. This is of great importance to promoting Changchun and Jilin Province, radiating Northeast China and realizing the leaping-style development of the regional economy.  


Changchun is one of the birthplaces for biomedicine industries of China. It is the experiment and production base where China’s first gene engineering product interferon, the first gene engineering bacterin and the first biomedicine product with proprietary intellectual property right as well as China’s third gene engineering product were born. Changchun, comparatively rich in technologies and biomedicine  talents, has 27 full-time colleges and universities including Jilin University, 103 R&D institutions for biomedicine  medicines, 42 key nation or province-level laboratories for projects including national enzyme engineering, thereby having fundamentally established R&D platforms and innovative systems from fundamental research, applied research, small, middle to industrialized-scale research. With Changbai Mountain situating in the east, and prairie lying in the west, Changchun has sufficient resources for animal husbandry industry of which 1,850 kinds of animal and plant resources are available, which in return will provide huge market potential and resource circumstance for the extensive and in-depth development of biomedicine technologies. Inside each of the two national level development zones, Changchun Hi-tech Development Zone and Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone, there are twp pieces of land which have been reserved for biomedicine industry park with comparatively improved service facilities and mediatory service system having been established as well. Therefore, a pattern which is based on scientific research, mainly engaged in biomedicine and combines harmonious development between biological industry and biological agriculture has been fundamentally formed. With ideal soft and hard environment including functionally improved infrastructures as well as the tailor-made national preferential policies, enterprises will enjoy so much convenience when investing for new businesses here.


Development Roadmap of Changchun National Bio-medicine Industry Base is:


To depend on the current biomedicine industry base, to bring into full play the advantages of R&D and innovation, to promote industrial centralization, to boost the construction of the large-scale flagship biomedicine enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, to make the biomedicine industry more competitive in the international markets, to drive the upgrading and optimization of regional industrial structure, and to make efforts to make Changchun an internationally great power in research, production and export of biomedicine. High priority will be given to the development of the three most important fields, namely, bacterin, gene engineering and modern Chinese medicine to develop professionally comparative advantages. Efforts will also be made to develop supporting industries including medical Intermediate so that a complete industrial chain can be made.

In order to speed up the construction, Changchun National Biomedicine Industry Base will unswervingly hold up high the banner for opening-oriented development, and will actively carry out cooperation with partners at home and abroad, and extensively attract talents, technologies and funds in and out China. Changchun National Biomedicine Industry Base is looking forward to tiding knot with more business partners for great exploit and mutual benefit. 


Here in Changchun National Biomedicine Industry Base,


You are welcomed to invest on R&D Center and plant!

You are welcomed to participate in the construction of public platforms for experimental animal raising and experiments, etc.!

You are welcomed to start business by participating in or holding shares or acquiring the entity!


Contact Unit: Leading Group Office for the Development of Changchun Biomedicine Industry

Contact Number: 86-431-88777913, 86-431-88777919  

Contact Person: Zhang Zhiqiang, Zhu Yamei



Ten Public Platforms of Changchun National Biomedicine Industry Base


1. Experimental Animal Raising and Experiment Center

That whether or not a particular country or a region is strong in experimental animal science has become one of the key factors to judge its level in research of life sciences. This project bases itself on the existing Changchun Hi-tech Animal Experiment Research Center, and covers a total floor area of 15,000 square meters, with RMB 100 million to be invested on the three-phase construction. As the construction is completed at different stages, the number of little mice, big mice, guinea pigs and beagle dogs available in 2007 is 200000, 100000, 20000 and 500 respectively, with 2000 batches of experiments to be made. In 2008, output of experimental animals is expected to be increased by 30% from 2006. In 2009, choice of animal varieties and sources will be almost the same as required as the normal operation, and  the number of little mice, big mice, guinea pigs, beagle dogs, rabbits, cats, monkeys, mini-pigs, and other experimental animals will be  400000, 200000, 600000, 1000, 30000, 1000, 100, 100, 2000 respectively, with 4000 bathes of experiments to be conducted. The annual operating income and profit tax are expected to reach RMB 22 million and 6 million respectively. Once getting operational, the project can not only meet the demand of Jilin Province, but also can benefit Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and even Bohai Economic Circle.   


2. Gene Engineering Middle-sized Drug Test Center

Gene engineering medicine manufacturing is regarded as one of best potential industries by investors. This project bases itself on Changchun Gene Engineering Research Institute, and is fundamentally estimated to bring RMB 200 million in profits after it steps on the stage of large-scale production, with one or two kinds of nation-innovated medicines to be brought out every year. It is expected to be an effective resolution to the issue that scientific research is seriously disjointed from production.


3. Biological Enzyme Engineering Technology Center

Biological enzyme can be extensively used for R&D in biomedicine field, and diagnosis and treatment in the field of medical and health care. The project bases itself on Jilin Qijian Biomedicine Technologies Co., Ltd. Once it gets operational, the annual operating income is expected to reach RMB 80 million with 10 kilograms of dNTPs to be produced every year.      


4. Bacterin R&D Center

Among the researches supported by earmarked funds, the one on stem cell technologies is particularly active for it is of great potential for future medical use. This project bases itself on Jilin University Tongyuan Biomedicine Engineering Co., Ltd., with RMB 120 million to be invested for a national level warehouse for stem cells of 20,000 of different immunological matches, which will to some degree narrow the gap of demands for stem cells and the ramifications.


5. Drug Screening Center

Traditional way of screening drugs can no longer be in pace with the society. This project bases itself on the Agricultural and Medical Gene Engineering Research Center under the Ministry of Education of China, and is equipped with the most advanced screening system automatically controlled by computer, a warehouse of samples of chemical compositions of traditional Chinese medicines and a model for drug screening. The project is expected to dramatically accelerate the process of medical findings, and will explore technical headstreams for innovation of drug development especially for development of modern Chinese 


6. Pharmaceutical Preparation Engineering R&D Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Compared with the developed countries, China is still left far behind in terms of the advancement of formulation development and pharmaceutical preparation technologies. This project bases itself Jilin Tiaoyao S&T Co., Ltd., Jilin Benzaotang Medicine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang University with over RMB 100 million having been invested for 200 world most advanced test equipment for experiments. The project is expected to actively boost the internationalized process of traditional Chinese medicine and the innovation for pharmaceutical preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.


7. Food and Drug Test and Information Consulting Center

The ability of Changchun in food and drug test is required to keep pace with the rising production capacity of the biomedicine industry base. Information service is of great importance to the development of modern industries. This project bases itself on Changchun Biomedicine Industry Base Construction Co., Ltd., and Changchun Drug Test Institute. It covers a total land area of 20,000 square kilometers and is equipped with over 100 units of appliances and equipment for experiment and test use, and a database for traditional Chinese medicine and northern medicine.


8. Changchun Yongxing Traditional Chinese Medicine pre-processing Public Platform

Production of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine is the foundation of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. This project bases itself on Changchun Yongxing Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., and was invested with RMB 35 million. It can not only provide high-quality herbs for manufacturing companies, but also can conduct mass pre-processing of herbs at a low price. 


9. Radiation Sterilization Device Center

Radiation technologies are of great importance to the modernized processing and production. This center bases itself on Changchun Xinyu Medicine Co., Ltd, and is equipped with Co60 (1 million curies) as radiation source. The device functioning 340 days every year can provide medicine and food manufacturers with radiation sterilization during the production process.