Changchun Kaffir Lily Industry Base

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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Main Indices: By 2010, the annual value of output will reach RMB 10 billion, with an annual growth rate of 49.5%. Accumulatively, RMB 5 billion will be invested in fixed assets.


Main Tasks: By 2010, efforts will be made to build two parks and four bases so that the glasshouse area can be increased to 0.7 million square meters, with the number of plants for sale and employees to reach 500 million and 0.25 million respectively. Culturists over the designate scale will increase to 5,000. Efforts will also be made to build the Kaffir Lily Raising R&D Center and Test Center. 


Layout Blueprint: To make Changchun Kaffir Lily Industry Base well known at home and abroad


Current Condition: Changchun Kaffir Lily has witnessed several decade years of changes, while remarkable achievements have so far been made after culturists’ unremitting efforts.


1. Industry Base in Rapid Development

By now, Changchun has increased the glasshouse area for Kaffir Lily to 0.305 million square meters which is home to some 100 million individual plants. The number of the culturists over the designated scale has exceeded 2000, and 20 sizable production bases including Yanminghu, Xinyue, Beidadi, Yingjun and Hongda have been established, which in return has promoted the development of the regional flower industry.   


2. Scientific System Further Improved

A research team composed of colleges and universities, enterprise groups as well Kaffir Lily associations, academies, research institutes, sizable culturists and flower planters has a batch of researchers in seed breeding, gene, inheritance, fertilizer, control and prevention, and network and so on, which is intellectually supportive to the development of the industry. 


3. Economic Returns in Rapid Rise

Raising Kaffir Lily is low in cost yet high in profit, with the profit margin ranging from 30% to 80%. With the value of output of RMB 1.3 billion in 2005, the profit made was at least RMB 400 million. Compared with fruit planting, raising Kaffir Lily may bring as many as 5 to 8 times of profits per hectare for planters, and compared with vegetable planting, the figure is 10 times high. Therefore, it is of so much sense to name the business “green gold bar”.   


4. Driving Force into High Gear

Some 50,000 people in Changchun are working in the Kaffir Lily industry. The development of the industry in return has attracted over 2,000 people out of Changchun into related sectors such as basins, humus soil, fertilizers and straw shades and so on. This has not only helped extend the industrial chain but also fostered a professional team consisting of a huge number of brokers procuring businesses around China, and more important, has served as one of the most effective carriers of job to benefit more people.


5. Product Quality Increasingly Improved

After years of culturists’ hard work, the quality of Changchun Kaffir Lily has been increasingly improved, with more and more famous or superb products available to flower lovers and a lifesome pattern of various genres having been formed. Changchun Kaffir Lily is widely recognized as a flagship brand due to such features as exquisite and glistening leaves, obvious color contrast on leaves, clear venations, ideal length and width of leaves and stocky stems and so on. During the 4th Kaffir Lily Festival, Changchun Kaffir Lily grabbed top 10 awards. “Changchun Lily ranks atop the flowers at home and abroad”, said a compere of Phoenix TV. This tells from another aspect that Changchun Kaffir Lily is rich in varieties, good in quality and high in tier. Kaffir Lily, a unique feature of Changchun, is not only as precious as described “green gold bar”, but also a kind of art, symbol of civilization and avatar of beauty. 


6. Annual Sales in Rise

Marketing network has been formed and marketing channel has been further expanded. Based on internet, stores, dealers, brokers, and exhibitions and so on, Changchun Kaffir Lily has gone far further to over 30 major cities including Anshan, Dalian, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nangjing, etc.. Ten years ago, Kaffir Lily only ranked 18th among the flowers for sale in China, while now it has climbed to the first place, with market demand increasing at a rapid speed.   


7. Leading Position Increasingly Consolidated

Changchun is the birthplace for Kaffir Lily with 60 years of civilian raising history. Now, Changchun is still the home to 10 or more original gene resources, and the center of marketing, promoting and raising Kaffir Lily in China. Being the winner of various flower exhibitions held in and out of China, Changchun Kaffir Lily is becoming increasingly popular. Every year, Changchun Kaffir Lily appears on the list of decorative flowers for the two conferences, the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Changchun Kaffir Lily takes the leading position in terms of rich varieties, beautiful appearances and high qualities. Through exchanges on experience, variety, technology and culture with such northern cities as Shengyang, Anshang, Dalian, Harbin and Daqing and so on, Changchun has become the center of economic and cultural circle of Kaffir Lily in China. As the “Home to Kaffir Lily in China”, and the kernel of Kaffir Lily industry of China and the world, Changchun is of much influence on where Kaffir Lily industry of China to go, and what Kaffir Lily industry of world to show.