Changchun Jetty Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

Updated : 2023-03-23Source : CCFAO
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In Changchun Jetty Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., the intelligent production workshop is rushing to fulfill orders from domestic and international automotive companies. The automated production lines are in constant operation, producing charging gun products for dozens of global car manufacturers such as VW, BMW, and Geely.

The Company, founded in 2010 as a small and medium-sized enterprise, has been committed to producing the "capillaries" of new energy vehicles. Currently, it has independently researched and developed over 1,000 products in four categories, covering fields such as lightweight wire harnesses, new energy vehicle charging, high-voltage connection devices, and low-voltage electronic appliance network connection systems.

Changchun Jetty Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 28, 2010, with its detailed address at No. 957, Shunda Road, High-tech Zone, Changchun City. The business scope of the Company includes the production, sales, technical research and development, technical consultation, trade agency, inspection, and testing services for automobile parts.