Changchun Zhongsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Updated : 2023-03-20Source : CCFAO
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Changchun Zhongsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the intelligent automobile equipment field for over 20 years, developing, manufacturing and assembling numerous personalized intelligent production equipment. With its strong technical capabilities, it has become an expert in "customized" intelligent equipment.

In early spring when there is still a chill despite the warming weather, several workers at Changchun Zhongsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.'s workshops are already busy preparing related equipment and parts for Audi's PPE project assembly line. The design and development of this batch of custom production equipment was undertaken jointly by German company MBN and Changchun Zhongsheng. Currently, preliminary design plans have been completed.

German experts specifically made several on-site confirmations and were very pleased with the company's design plan. Near the end of March or beginning of April this year as scheduled, personnel from MBN and Audi will conduct on-site acceptance tests; if it passed successfully, preparation will be made for operation.

The ability to participate in Audi's PPE project for equipment research and development, design, and assembly once again proves Changchun Zhongsheng's technical strength in the industry. In fact, the company was also the first to successfully achieve localization of Volkswagen's chassis performance testing equipment and carry out the research, design, and production tasks for the intelligent unmanned assembly production line for BMW car doors. After years of development, Changchun Zhongsheng has strong comprehensive strength in the research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, and service of intelligent automotive component assembly, transport, testing, etc. The core team has rich technical accumulation and project management experience, and its core technology is at the leading level in the domestic industry, with an average of more than 10 invention patents and utility model patents and the development of 3 to 5 new products every year.

In addition to producing production line products in the traditional manufacturing industry, we have also begun to study MES systems, robotics, virtual simulation, on-site virtual simulation debugging, and the combination of software and hardware in the field of intelligent manufacturing, helping us achieve transformation from automation to intelligent manufacturing and unmanned factories and building them into a complete industrial chain.

Currently, the company's products cover 18 provinces and cities in China, and it has developed business cooperation with whole vehicle and parts manufacturers from more than ten countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Thailand, with the products package exported to countries in Asia, Europe and America. Currently, the company is increasing its research and development efforts in the manufacturing equipment for new energy vehicle models and the application of robot intelligence, striving to become a leading enterprise in China's non-standard equipment manufacturing field.