Jilin Province Morestep Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Updated : 2023-03-08Source : CCFAO
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Jilin Province Morestep Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Morestep") was founded in 1998. It is a professional medical apparatus and instruments company that incorporates R&D, production and sales. Over the past 25 years, Morestep has been committed to reform and innovation. Keeping listening to the appeal of customers and patients, it has been focusing on the customer- and patient-oriented services. It has also been committed to the R&D and production of various medical equipment, and a concentric and diverse industrial layout with the core of tumor thermotherapy and radiation of multi-field medical healthcare equipment R&D and sales has gradually formed. Currently, it has been awarded the national-level, provincial-level and municipal-level SRDI (specialized, differential, refined and innovational) Enterprise, Jilin "Small Giant" Enterprise, Jilin High-tech Enterprise and other titles.

The product exhibition area displays more than 30 products of 5 major series that Morestep possesses, including NRL series tumor endogenic field thermotherapy system, RHL series tumor thermo-chemotherapy perfusion unit, full-automatic peritoneal dialysis machine, care products and general healing treatment products for common diseases. Wang Zeyi told the reporter that, at present, Morestep has built more than 2,000 tumor thermotherapy centers in China, and has provided quality and efficient equipment and update and maintenance services for more than 2,300 Grade-A tertiary hospitals in China, including Peking Union Medical College Hospital and 301 Hospital.

As a leading manufacturing enterprise of tumor hyperthermia device in China, Morestep boasts highly-skilled talents teams and professional R&D teams, and it has obtained hundreds of invention patents. Its tumor endogenic field thermotherapy device has provided tumor treatment concepts, ideas and methods that have been proved to be advanced, and its tumor thermo-chemotherapy perfusion technology has also solved the tough medical problems of tumor recurrence and metastasis, largely enhancing the survival quality of tumor patients. In 2013, the peritoneal dialysis machine developed by Morestep was listed into the "12th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Programs". At present, the products have been industrialized and included in the "13th Five-Year Poverty Alleviation Procurement Projects". Also, in the field of gout treatment, Morestep has successfully researched and developed a complete solution for gout treatment, and it plans to open 3,000 interlocking institutions across China in the next three years.

No matter in product variety, quantity and scale, or in principle, control means and effect, Morestep is at the leading position, and it is one of China's top manufacturers that produces the tumor thermotherapy machines by endogenic field technology. As for product production, in addition to the more than 30 products of 5 major series, Morestep can also undertake the OEM production of vulnerable parts such as sterile consumables related to medical apparatus and instruments, and it can increase the order demand through automated equipment and other methods according to the order quantity.

In 2020, responding positively to the government's call, Morestep rapidly increased the production lines for protective suits, masks and other goods by fully utilizing its advantage in R&D and production. More than a hundred staff worked overtime around the clock to provide the public with a large amount of high-quality protective materials against Covid-19. Meanwhile, Morestep also donated other protective materials of over RMB 6 million to the public, which fully shows the excellent R&D and production competence and highlights a strong sense of social responsibility.

Currently, Morestep is committed to R&D of 3 new products, including the type-3 full-automatic peritoneal dialysis machine, sterile connecting device and extracorporal high-frequency rheumatism treatment machine. According to Wang Zeyi, within the next 3 to 5 years, Morestep will always adhere to the continuous technological innovation of the original industrial products and work to maintain its leadership in the industrial technologies and to acquire more competitive advantage in the market. Also, it will be committed to the projects for R&D and promotion of gout treatment as well as to the breakthrough in the business model by the national investment promotion and cooperation, so as to achieve a leapfrog development of the enterprise.