Jilin Dexiang: Make Top and Bottom Ends Sound for Deep Exploration of Whole Industrial Chain of Broiler Chickens

Updated : 2023-02-21Source : CCFAO
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Good news has arrived as the Spring Festival is approaching near. The Incubation Center of Jilin Dexiang Group was said to have obtained the certification of Bureau Veritas, which marks that Dexiang’s chicken hatching and immunization have reached the world’s advanced level. To build a modern agricultural demonstration park and a leading enterprise at 10 billion level is an important measure taken by Dexiang to explore in depth the whole industrial chain and improve the modernization level and added value of agricultural products. 

“Only by transforming meat into food on table can we maximize the added value. We have advantageous resources in the golden belt of corn and favorable climate conditions for large-scale breeding of broiler chickens. Our second entrepreneurial goal is to strive for quality grains, chickens and famous brands of grains and chickens,” said Wang Shiqiang, President of Jilin Dexiang Group, adding, “With talents, capital funds, fixed models and brands for the whole industrial chain of broiler chickens, Dexiang has entered the stage of secondary entrepreneurship, moving forward towards the direction of ‘consolidating foundation, expanding quantity, improving quality and increasing value’. It’s been planned to expand to Jiutai District and build another broiler chicken base at 100 million level to increase the added value of the whole industrial chain and thus facilitate the revitalization and development of rural areas in the region.” 

“Order-based breeding is of few risks, which has benefited many villagers,” said Liu Damin while feeding chickens. Dexiang adopts the method of “holding the two ends and letting go the middle”. Big capital funds and high technical requirements make things difficult for each and every family. Therefore, the enterprises is made to play the role in such procedures as feed making and processing not suitable farmers so that farmers can focus on supply of chicks, materials and technical services, and ensure their incomes by means of “minimum price plus dividend”. A total of RMB200 million loans have now been guaranteed for building standard farms, expanding breeding scale, and helping tens of hundreds of farmers return home for entrepreneurship and employment. Dexiang has so far helped more than 2,000 farmer families breed 50 million broiler chickens in six places including Dehui and Jiutai, which in turn has brought about more than RMB100,000 for each and every family farm, and created two competitive agricultural townships Buhai of Dehui and Shanghewan of Jiutai. 

It’s been made clear at the 14th Changchun Municipal Party Congress that the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas shall be promoted under the guidance of the national agricultural hi-tech industrial demonstration zones. Dexiang will spare no effort to strengthen the top (enterprise itself), drive the middle (family farms) and smoothen the end (product recycling) to strive to be the pioneer in the construction of modern agriculture in the province and even in the whole country. 

For the next step, Dexiang will strengthen the whole industrial chain of broiler chickens, expand the amount of broiler chickens ready for market to 200 million by 2025, transform 1.2 million tons of corn every year, increase the output value of the whole industrial chain to RMB16.7 billion, develop more than ten thousands of family farms, drive the annual income of family farms to increase by RMB700 million, thereby becoming a 100-million leading enterprise which can facilitate the high-quality development of such industries as cold chain, transportation, catering and service.