Yongli Laser: Orders Placed in Bulk at Fast Pace by Foreign Customers

Updated : 2022-12-28Source : CCFAO
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Installation, adjustment, testing, packaging and sealing... Inside the new plant of Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd., another batch of laser equipment are ready to go to Europe. “This is a kind of happiness of being busy,” said General Manager Sun Shangyong, adding, “Since the beginning of last year, new orders have come one batch after another from abroad. All machines are running nearly around the clock because we shall make products delivered at the earliest possible.” 

Yongli Laser is a laser device manufacturer, the largest of its kind at home, which integrates R&D, production, sale and service for such products as fiber laser, RF laser, carbon dioxide laser and laser power supply sold to 88 countries and regions around the world. The “three series” of scientific research, medical treatment and industry with an annual production capacity of 200,000 for more than 20 specifications and models of carbon dioxide laser products are in mass production. 

“We are technologically competitive, and we have obtained 58 domestically authorized patents, including 3 invention patents. All products are independently developed. Some products are internationally renowned,” said Sun Shangyong. The company has realized an average sales growth of more than 20% for three consecutive years, ranking in a leading position in the industry. 

Only excellent products can help a company secure a favorable position in fierce market competition. Among Yongli’s product series, the gas laser products ranging from 50MW to 600W are widely used in industry, medical treatment, scientific research and other fields. Since 2016, sizable production of fiber laser products of 1,000W to 3,000W has been made possible by the company due to its noticeable advantage in high-power technology and design of anti-altitude acclimatization. Insiders say 240 equipment have been added as an effort to reinforce research, development and industrialization to the project that was started in 2021 with an annual output of 1,000 high-power fiber laser products, which in turn has provided high beam quality, high stability and long lifespan for laser machine series, and thus increased Yongli’s productivity effectively. 

With more invested in research and development of new products, Yongli Laser has 4 research projects at the moment and 6 R&D and industrialization projects planned for the 14th Five-Year Plan, striving for realizing coordinated development of both upstream and downstream sectors, and creating a laser industrial chain with the characteristics of Jilin Province. To maintain such momentum, Yongli is said to use 6% of its annual sales for R&D of new products. More will be earmarked in the future. “We will continue to explore the upstream and downstream of laser industry, providing equipment upgrading and customized services for terminal manufacturers, and expanding production to promote the development of laser industry with supply chains, cooperating with FAW, Changchun Railway Vehicles and others to promote the popularization and application of laser technology in the fields of automobile, rail transit, medical treatment, aerospace, etc.” Sun Shangyong said, “For the next step, we will focus on creating a laser industrial chain with the characteristics of Jilin Province, promote the construction of a laser industrial ecosystem featuring high quality and competitive price, and thus drive the development of laser equipment clusters.”