CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.

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CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changchun Railway Vehicles) was founded in 1954 as one of the national key construction projects of China during the “First 5-Year Plan” period, formerly known as Changchun Passenger Car Works. Transformed to a joint-stock company in March 2002, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles now has a registered capital (general capital) of RMB 5.8 billion, 93.54% held by CRRC.

I. Corporate Scale
Changchun Railway Vehicles is China's largest development, manufacturing, maintenance and export base of railway vehicles and the cradle of China's subways and MU trains. Currently the Company has a staff of 17462 people and factory area of 4.4 million m2. Now it has 19 subsidiaries. The annual sale revenue of the Company is more than RMB 30 billion and market share of main products is over 40%.

II. Business Section
Now the Company mainly has three major business sections of railway vehicles: research & development service, vehicle manufacturing service and maintenance & operation service.
Based on the National Engineering Technology Research Center and the National Engineering Laboratory, the research & development service mainly provides various test, analysis and measurement services for suppliers, clients, business friends and partners.
Vehicle manufacturing service includes three main products: MU trains, urban mass transit vehicles and mainline passenger vehicles. Now the annual production capacity of the Company has come to 1500 MU trains, 2000 urban mass transit vehicles and 500 mainline passenger vehicles.
As for the maintenance & operation service, the annual maintenance capacity of the Company has come to 2400 MU trains and 1000 mainline passenger vehicles and now the maintenance & operation service for urban mass transit vehicles is expanding.

III. R&D and Manufacturing
The Company has 2600 engineering technicians in total, including 21 doctors, 523 masters, 73 professor-level senior engineers, 864 senior engineers and 8 experts receiving special government allowance from the State Council. The Company has established a "five-in-one" technical innovation platform including the National Technical Research Center for Railway Vehicle System Integration Engineering, National Engineering Laboratory for High-speed Train System Integration, State-level Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Research Station and National Skills Master Studio. It also has mastered key technologies including system integration, car body, bogie, braking, train network and traction control system of railway vehicles. The Company was selected into the first National Innovation Enterprises, National High-tech Enterprises, National Science & Technology Innovation Base for Rejuvenating Trade and National Model Enterprises for Technical Innovation. Its products have won the title of "National Excellent Products".
The Company has successfully established series product platforms for MU trains, urban mass transit vehicles and mainline passenger vehicles. In the field of MU trains, the Company has set up a product platform for series MU trains including CRH5, CRH380 and intercity MU trains. It has developed and manufactured products such as China standard MU trains, CRH380B extreme-cold MU trains, CRH380BL high-speed MU trains, CRH380CL high-speed MU trains, CRH5G extreme-cold and wind & sand resistant MU trains, CJ-1 intercity MU trains and hybrid power MU trains.
In the field of urban mass transit vehicles, the Company has set up vehicle platforms for A/B/C type vehicles, linear motor vehicles, low-floor light-rail vehicles, straddle-type monorail vehicles and maglev vehicles, realized full coverage over urban rail vehicle products. Successively, the Company developed over 60 urban rail vehicles including China first stainless steel subway vehicle, aluminum alloy light-rail vehicle, monorail vehicle, cold-resistant subway vehicle, unmanned vehicle and low-floor light-rail vehicle.
In the area of mainline passenger vehicles, the Company manufactured more than 200 kinds of mainline passenger vehicles including 25B, 25G, 25K and 25T, formed a series of 25 type passenger vehicles.

IV. Corporate Management
The Company's management system is in line with international standards, took the lead achieved the certificates of IRIS, ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSMS occupational safety and health management system and DIN6700 quality system. Established with management and design platforms including SAP, RAMS, P3E, CATIA+VPM and virtual reality and simulation. Promoted the methods of "lean management, project management and "door tablet" quality management, with the management level maintaining a lead.

V. Overseas Achievements
Changchun Railway Vehicles is the first and largest exporter in China. Its products have been exported to 22 countries and regions including America, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, Ethiopia and Hong Kong, with the number of exported vehicles exceeding 7,000 and foreign exchange earnings surpassing USD 8 billion.