Ground Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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Located at 4388, Xi’an Road, Changchun City, Ground Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ground) is a modern industrial group that integrates such businesses as processing dairy products, producing seasonings, breeding good cow breeds and high-producing cows, high-efficiency farming, producing animal foodstuffs, real estate development and investment service.  


After years of development, Ground has formed a diversified pattern under which equal importance is attached to all businesses, real estate development and investment service are developing as two wings, and major businesses are developing more evidently. The group has three business units, first, food unit by Ground Dairy Industry Group of Jilin Province and Ground Food Company Limited of Jilin Province, which have 12 subsidiaries engaged in dairy products processing, breeding cows and good cow breeds, animal foodstuff producing, high-efficiency farming and seasoning producing, etc.; second, real estate development and project construction unit under which there are nine subsidiaries engaged in such businesses as real estate development, tourist destinations exploring, project designing and constructing, building materials producing and property management, etc.; and third, investment service unit by Ground Agricultural Investment Company Limited engaged in relevant industrial investment, providing loan guarantee and small loans.       


The group has now had RMB1 billion registered funds, RMB3 billion assets, and some 3,000 employees, with sales exceeding RMB2 billion for two years in a row. Ground has been selected as a key flagship enterprise at national level that has two domestically famous brands “Ground” and “Bei Kang”.