Golden Bean Industry Group Co., Ltd. of Jilin Province

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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The Golden Bean Industry Group Co., Ltd. of Jilin Province (hereinafter referred to as Golden Bean) was founded in 1997, and has now developed into a cross-region, cross-industry group after more than ten years of development.


Golden Bean has 11 enterprises, RMB703.87 million registered funds, RMB2.345 billion assets and 4,600 employees. In each and every year of the past six consecutive years, it has paid more than RMB10 million in state taxes. Since 1998, Golden Bean has been rewarded by the People’s Governments of Jilin Province and Changchun City with such tiles as “Advanced Private Enterprise Group”, “Champaign of Paying Taxes among Private Enterprises”, “Enterprise Star in Providing Jobs”, “Advanced Unit Supporting Social Nonprofit Undertakings”, “Top 50 Private Enterprises”, “Private Enterprise with Special Contributions”, etc.


In line with the principle of credit being foremost, revitalizing businesses through science and technology, seeking truth and making innovation, Golden Bean is growing into a modern enterprise driven by its leading businesses including rail transit auxiliary service, road and bridge construction and real estate development, and pillared by industrial manufacturing industry.