Excellent weapon explore the earth –Crust I

Updated : 2019-02-18Source : CCFAO
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China has made new breakthroughs in scientific drilling. Jilin University recently announced that its self-developed “Crust I” 10,000-meter drilling rig has successfully completed many tasks in the “Songke No. 2 Well” project, and its drilling depth reached 7,018 meters, creating a new record for scientific drilling in Asian. Scientific drilling is the most direct technical means to explore the deep mysteries of the earth and to develop underground resources.

In order to meet the demand for such deep exploration tasks onin the earth, especially for the high-end equipment for ultra-deep drilling, in 2009, the nation launched the "Special Project for Deep Exploration Technology and Experimental Research" in 2009. Sun Youhong, vice president of Jilin University, said that the fifth program of this project, "Development of Deep Crust Scientific Drilling Equipment", was headed led by him, the main task of which was to develop the "Crust I" 10,000-meter drilling rig.

According to the website of Jilin University, after more than four years of technical research, Jilin University solved the three technical problems of low rotational speed, low equipment automation and low precision of deep drilling drill pressure control in China's deep drilling equipment, making breaking throughs in four major key technologies for of deep drilling equipment, i.e. including the high-speed full hydraulic pressure top drive drilling, high-precision automatic pipe swinging, high-speed drill pipe automatic screwing and unscrewing transmission and high-precision automatic pipe advancement., and t Thus it successfully achieved the development ofdeveloped “Crust I” 10,000-meter drilling rig.

At present, the relevant technical achievements of the “Crust I” drilling rig have been successfully applied to the series of low-temperature drilling rigs in China, such as the “Aurora” polar drilling rig used for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic extremely cold Yamal peninsula in Arctic Russia Yamal region in Russia. In the Sino-Russian LNG project proposed by the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the “Aurora” drilling rig is an important component that can work continuously in a low temperature of minus -50 degrees and a strong wind of Grade 12 or above.

In addition, these results have also been widely used in deep oil and gas drilling rigs and offshore drilling rig drillings, and exported to 10 countries and regions including the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Russia, the United States, in large scale.

Prior to thise breakthrough, China's geophysical instruments mainly relied on imports, but foreign high-precision instruments remained confidential. Professor Huang Danian from the School of Earth Exploration Science and Technology of Jilin University once said, "If we are the troops of the 'rice plus rifle', they are troops equipped with missiles"."

Professor Huang Danian was responsible for the ninth program of the "Special Project for Deep Exploration Technology and Experimental Research" – “Key Instrument and Equipment Development and Experimental Program for Deep Exploration”, and he made outstanding contributions to the development of “Crust I”. In 2009, as a famous geophysicist, he chose to return to China to fill a number of domestic technical gaps. On January 8, 2017, he unfortunately died ofpassed away  illness at the age of 58 years.

Let’s pay our tributes to Professor Huang Danian! !