The 17th China Changchun Film Festival Opens on August 23

Updated : 2022-08-24Source : CCFAO
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The 17th China Changchun Film Festival officially opens on August 23!

On August 23, the opening ceremony of the 17th China Changchun Film Festival will be held in the Wuhuan Gymnasium of Changchun Sports Center. As one of the main activities of the China Changchun Film Festival this year, practitioners, experts and scholars in the film industry will be invited to the film forum section to speak freely and talk about the future of films.

Among them, the two heavyweight film forums to be held in the conference hall of Hilton Garden Inn of Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone on August 24 have many highlights. The first forum is the outdoor film forum of the "Discussion on Screenplay", and the second forum is the youth screenwriter forum of the "Discussion on Screenplay". At that time, representatives of film experts, scholars and industry elites will gather together and collide and merge with different ideas, to give insightful thoughts about the development of Chinese films.

In addition, the 2022 National Summit Forum of the Union of Movie Channels will be held in the Qiushi Conference Hall of the main building of South Lake Hotel on August 25. Film media operators and managers, college film and television professionals, famous screenwriters or directors, young film entrepreneurs, and video website operators will be invited to discuss the various possibilities of film media in the film industrial ecologic chain with a focus on the mission and challenges of film media, and to promote breakthroughs and rapid development of the film industry with joint efforts. On August 27, the 2022 China Jilin Film and Television Education and Industry Development Forum will be held in the International Conference Hall of Jilin Animation Institute to help the vigorous development of the Chinese film industry from the perspective of film and television education.

"Paying Tribute to the Cradle" is one of the indispensable main events of the China Changchun Film Festival, with the "Changchun Film Night" party as the major activity, accompanying China Changchun Film Festival through unforgettable light-shadow moments.

"Changchun Film Night" party will be held in Changchun Radio and Television Theater on August 24. With "Youth" as the main line and film as the link, the party includes the preface, "Light of Youth", "China of Youth", "Changchun Film of Youth" and the end. Representatives of well-known domestic conductors, singers, performers and filmmakers will gather together to artistically interpret Chinese filmmakers' unswerving youth through vocal performance, orchestral music, national instrumental music, narration, recitation and other forms. With the new strength for the development of Changchun film in the new era, it will give the current Changchun Film Festival and even the Chinese film industry a high-level light-shadow feast, to encourage filmmakers to work hard, hand in hand, anchor the value coordinates, and go for the new light-shadow journey.

In addition, in the film exhibition section, one of the six main events of the current China Changchun Film Festival, the Indoor Film Festival and the Outdoor Film Festival with the theme of "Looking Back the Past 30 Years and Celebrating the 20th National Congress" will be launched with their own characteristics.

For the mass culture section, the most worldly main event of the current China Changchun Film Festival, from August 12, people can participate in dance, singing, folk music, recitation and other mass cultural activities everywhere in Changchun.

On August 28, the closing ceremony of the China Changchun Film Festival will be held in the Changying Concert Hall. The "Golden Deer Award" Best Film Award, Jury Award, Best Director Award, Best Actor Award, Best Actress Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Cinematography Award, Best Music Award, Best Editing Award, and Best Debut Award will be announced one by one.