Film-themed "Changchun Film Carnival" Cultural and Creative Block Opens for Trial Operation

Updated : 2022-08-25Source : CCFAO
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On August 18, the "Changchun Film Carnival" with the theme of film culture opened for trial operation, and it is planned to officially open on the evening of August 27.

With film culture as the thread, there are 15 performance stages set up in the "Changchun Film Carnival" cultural and creative block, which is located near Gate 3 of Changchun Agricultural Expo Park, to display the theme elements of 25 film and television works such as Legend of the Demon Cat, A Lifelong Journey, The Battle at Lake Changjin and The Wandering Earth. At the same time, 18 characteristic customized kiosks are composed of the theme elements of film and television works such as Kung Fu Panda, Chungking Express, Big Fish & Begonia, and Monster Hunt. Visitors can not only enjoy food, but also take photos.

"Changchun Film Carnival" is the first cultural and tourism product as a cultural and creative block with the theme of film culture in Changchun. Adhering to the purpose of "film as the main line, cultural context; urban memory, innovative experience; immersive scene, full-time performance; influencer consumption, driving economy", a long film street has been built for the experience of tourists, and original performances have been developed with themes such as retro, China-Chic and science fiction in combination with Changchun's regional characteristics.

Every evening, there will be many situated cultural performances for tourists in the "Changchun Film Carnival" cultural and creative block. At the 15 performance stages throughout the shopping street, performers will do themed performances according to the stage design to create a stage effect that feelings mingle with scenes, so that visitors can get an immersive viewing experience.