FAW-VW New Technology Development Center Completes First Safety Test

Updated : 2021-12-02Source : CCFAO
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Witnessed by guests and media reporters, the FAW-VW New Technology Development Center completed its first safety collision test on November 29, 2021. FAW-VW’s first pure electric SUV ID.4 CROZZ joined obstacle avoidance and C-NCAP at the FAW-VW New Technology Development Center. 

The test car of ID.4 CROZZ and the deformable obstacle avoidance vehicle collided with each at the speed of 50km/h. The result showed that ID.4 CROZZ’s front compartment was obviously deformed with the force of collision. Its A-pillar was not bent, and no obvious cockpit deformation was found. The airbag ejected, and the dummy’s head hit the central area of the airbag, demonstrating a good protective effect. The guests witnessed the safety and quality of FAW-VW’s new energy product, and expressed their expectations for the future R & D achievements of FAW-VW New Technology Development Center. 

The FAW-VW New Technology Development Center was invested with RMB860 million, with a total construction area of 70,000 square meters. It has domestically top-notch equipment in six fields such as safety, drive, energy consumption and emission. The safety collision test center is one of the most advanced laboratories at home, which can meet the demand of safety R&D and test required by laws and regulations. The car body test center, the first of its kind in China, is able to integrate and develop industrial robots and apply them to car body tests on a large scale. The energy consumption and emission test center, a domestically leading center for tests of energy consumptions, emissions of electric drive, hybrid and fuel vehicles. The drive system test center can independently develop trial engines for electric drive and engine tests, and accepts disassembling and inspecting engine failures. The intelligent lighting system test center can conduct comprehensive tests of intelligent lamps. The new energy trial production and test workshop can integrate new energy vehicle tests and trial production resources and realize intensive management. 

To meet the national commitment to “dual carbon”, digital and intelligent transformation, diversified user demands and upgrading of safety needs, FAW Volkswagen will continue to improve its technology R & D system, make an all-out effort to provide first-class products and services with leading technical indicators and test conditions for the customers at home, empower its traditional business to keep pace with emerging ones, continue to put in practice the concept of “Creating and Enjoying High Quality”, take the lead in development and thus make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the automobile industry of China.