Qikai District vigorously stimulates the vitality of market players to bolster the confidence of businesses

Updated : 2023-02-24Source : CCFAO
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In the face of the current pressure that market players commonly face in their production and operation from multiple aspects, including cost, capital, market and talents, Changchun Qikai District will uphold the 4 keys, namely the policy support, financial service, innovation drive and talents resources to promote the upgrading of the business environment and bolster the confidence in development.

In terms of policy support, Qikai District has spent nearly RMB 80 million in setting the policy incentives to boost the steady progress of the businesses in upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, brand construction and other aspects; in the next step, the District will strive to meet the demands of the businesses by more inclusive and function-oriented policies in multiple aspects including transformation and upgrading, technological reform and project implementation, as well as set more time-efficient policy supply for the businesses to expand the market and grab the order, so that more businesses can equally enjoy the policy benefits.

In terms of the financial services, Qikai District will facilitate the financial institutions to tilt towards the businesses in credit granting, credit expansion and resource allocation, as well as reduce the financing cost to help out the businesses, by playing the major role of financial funds in addressing the problems.

In terms of innovation drive, the District will implement the innovation-driven effect-raising projects in automobile field by reference to the mechanism of "unveiling and leading". It has set up clear policy for incentives in strengthening the innovation and creation capability of the businesses, construction of mass entrepreneurship and innovation carriers, support for technological achievements transformation and application, and other aspects, to stimulate the vitality and vigor of innovation.

In terms of human resources, Qikai District has invited 6 colleges and universities to sign the strategic cooperation framework agreements, supporting the businesses to jointly build the talents training base together with Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, Changchun Automobile Industry Institute and other colleges and universities to provide a full-chain talents support for the R&D, production and marketing and maintenance of automobiles and other areas.

Behind the optimization of the business environment of Changchun Qikai District is the reform and reshaping of the "delegating power, improving regulation, and upgrading services" mechanism. Qikai District strives to advance the system reform of approval for the engineering and construction projects. By multiple methods such as joint examination and approval, combined acceptance, and tolerance handling, the District will reduce the approval time and accelerate the landing of projects; in the process of project construction, innovative systems such as "project secretary" is set up to, under which the projects will "be on duty" in the businesses, seamlessly docking the needs of the businesses and scheduling on a weekly or monthly basis to help the businesses solve the problems in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, the Qikai District will comprehensively implement the pattern of "serving in the businesses". Specificaly, it will dispatch 412 cadres of the District to station in 412 businesses in the District, which include wholesale and retail accommodation and catering enterprises above designated size, service enterprises above the scale, and construction enterprises and real estate development and operation enterprises above the qualification level, with the supervision of 10 district-level leaders, so that problems and appeals of enterprises can be addressed in timely manner.

It is learnt that Changchun Automobile Development Zone will also accelerate the introduction of a number of high-end projects and businesses that can make up for the shortcomings of the industrial development through a "combination of policies" to form a high-end industrial cluster; by the market-led and policy-led "two-wheel drive", synergy between the government and businesses will form to promote the automobile industry to achieve the transformation from a factor-driven industry to the innovation-driven one, as well as from the emphasis on growth rate to that on quality and efficiency.