This January, Changchun exported 822 second-hand vehicles, with the exports value of nearly RMB 100 million.

Updated : 2023-02-23Source : CCFAO
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In January of this year, Changchun exported 822 second-hand vehicles, about 90% of the total export volume for the last year, with exports value of nearly RMB 100 million, about 60% of the value for the last year. With such explosive growth, Changchun has achieved a good start for "selling the vehicles to the world".

It is learnt that at the end of 2020, Changchun was approved as a national pilot city of second-hand vehicles export. On April 30, 2021, Changchun's first order of second-hand vehicles are exported from Irkeshtam Port in Xinjiang to Kyrgyzstan,making it the 3rd city that officially started the export of second-hand vehicles among the second batch of 20 pilot cities. During the past two years, the export of second-hand vehicles, as a new trade business model that Changchun focuses on fostering, achieved rapid growth and enjoyed sound development momentum. As of now, Changchun has achieved the export of nearly 2,000 second-hand vehicles. The vehicles have been exported to 12 countries and regions, mainly the countries along the "Belt and Road", which has strongly promoted the inventory clearance and overstock reduction for the sales of finished automobiles as well as the development of new energy automobile industry. Also, by promoting the coordinated development in the industrial chains of automobile finance, insurance, logistics and big data, etc., Changchun has accelerated the integration of the city's automobile industry into the domestic and international "dual circulations" development pattern.

In order to promote the export of second-hand vehicles, Changchun Municipal Bureau of Business Affairs has taken the lead in setting groups for coordinating and promoting the export of second-hand vehicles and coordination mechanism for the work of member units; it has efficiently completed the organization and declaration, selection, review, filing and testing organization selection for the second-hand export businesses, set up clear information reporting system and tracking and scheduling system for the pilot enterprises, and improved the expert review system for the assessment and exit and alternative enterprises. Also, it has launched "four mechanisms" and set up special team for stabilizing foreign trade to provide "one-to-one" services for businesses; strengthened the linkage with relevant departments to help the businesses to solve the difficult issues such as tax rebates and vehicle inspection and ownership transfer; established an export information database to achieve the full-process traceability of vehicles; carried out the annual assessment based on the export performance and implemented the exit mechanism to boost the flourishing and development of second-hand vehicles export. In the next step, by launching the "four projects" of smooth channels, policy support, service guarantee and pilot expansion, Changchun will improve the service mechanism for the export of second-hand vehicles, and arrange the links for the second-hand vehicles in China, such as purchasing, ownership transfer, inspection, permit handling, transfer before export, customs clearance, cancellation and after-sales service. By investigating the problems and difficulties and studying and formulating the relevant support policies for second-hand export businesses, Changchun will work to provide service guarantee for the projects of thousand-vehicle export to the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Combining the industrial advantages of Changchun International Automobile City and striving to add the places assigned for pilot enterprises, Changchun will vigorously advance the development of second-hand vehicles export and strive to achieve the annual export volume of more than 5,000 vehicles, so as to rank among the first echelon of the pilot cities in the country.