FAW Jiefang Wins the "19th Originality Brand Award"

Updated : 2023-01-13Source : CCFAO
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The results of the "17th Corporate Social Responsibility Award" and "19th Originality Award" sponsored by people. cn, were officially announced recently. FAW Jiefang won the "19th Originality Brand Award" and the "Jiefang Public Welfare Program - Care for Truck Drivers" project won the "Annual Case Award of the 17th Corporate Social Responsibility Award".

FAW Jiefang has always adhered to the important responsibility and mission of "developing the national automobile brand", and fully expressed the brand concept of "taking good faith, owning wisdom and courage, and benefiting the world" in all aspects of its operation. It infiltrates "good faith, wisdom and benefit" into the continuous construction of seven major brands, namely enterprise, technology, product, power domain, service, public welfare and ecology. In 2022, FAW Jiefang's brand value reached RMB 107.783 billion, leading commercial vehicle brands for 11 consecutive years in China.

As a leading enterprise in China's commercial vehicle industry, Faw Jiefang has integrated public welfare into its business development and strategic planning, and promises to input RMB 10 into public welfare for every truck sold. Relying on the public welfare brand "Jiefang led by Love", FAW Jiefang, through diversified public welfare projects, vigorously promotes assistance for truck drivers, helps rural revitalization, supports education, advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, cares for vulnerable groups, supports epidemic prevention and control and disaster relief. It allows the public welfare to travel everywhere with Jiefang trucks, and makes the road of public welfare become wider and more stable.

In the future, FAW Jiefang will always bear in mind the original intention and mission of "strengthen the country through automobile and serve the country through industry", continuously enhance corporate responsibility, concentrate efforts, strive for excellence, make scientific plans, forge ahead and strive to create the first centenary national automobile brand in China.