FAW Jiefang Heavy Trucks Are Exported to Indonesia in Batches

Updated : 2023-01-12Source : CCFAO
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On January 11, as a whistle sounded, a huge ship carrying 150 FAW Jiefang JH6 tractors set sail from Lianyungang Port in Jiangsu Province to Jakarta Port in Indonesia, marking an important breakthrough in FAW Jiefang's efforts to seize key overseas markets with high-quality marketing.

As the largest automobile market in Southeast Asia, Indonesia boasts a relatively complete automobile manufacturing industry chain. Along with the rise and development of planting, mining, logistics and other industries in Indonesia in recent years, the demand for trucks has gradually increased. At the same time, due to Indonesia's tropical rain forest climate, many islands, rough roads, local truck market users pay more attention to product reliability.

The delivered JH6 right-rudder cab tractors with convex floor are products developed and reserved in advance by FAW Jiefang according to the market emission regulations of Indonesia and segmentation of logistics and transport market in Indonesia. JH6 tractors integrate reliability, comfort and economy and adopt a complete set of free autonomous power chain and compound double-layer frame, characterized by high reliability and high bearing capacity. JH6 tractors can fully meet the standard load transportation demands of intercity logistics distribution and the overload transportation demands of energy and building materials of Indonesian market users.

At the same time, in order to improve the timeliness of services, FAW Jiefang service personnel stand by at any time to ensure sufficient reserve of vulnerable parts and assembly core spare parts in the Indonesian market, so that users' satisfaction continues to improve. FAW Jiefang believes that in the follow-up operation, JH6 tractors will rely on efficient, reliable, fuel-saving, comfortable product advantages and efficient and timely service guarantee to support the rapid development of Indonesian market logistics business.

In the future, FAW Jiefang will continue to develop the overseas market, accelerate the improvement of channel, service and product competitiveness, provide overseas users with more leading, reliable and cost-effective products, and continuously make new breakthroughs in the overseas market.