FAW Jiefang won four awards

Updated : 2022-11-04Source : CCFAO
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The Notice on Commending the Project of 2022 "Science and Technology Award of Machinery Industry" has been released recently, and FAW Jiefang and its branches and subsidiaries have won two first prizes and two second prizes of "2022 Science and Technology Award of Machinery Industry - Science and Technology Progress Award".

The Science and Technology Award of the Machinery Industry, jointly established by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, is a comprehensive award for the machinery industry nationwide, aiming at stimulating programs and projects promoting scientific and technological progress in the industry with significant economic or social benefits. It is the only award approved by the state in the machinery industry in China at present, and is also one of the important channels to apply for the National Science and Technology Award in the future.

The award-winning projects of FAW Jiefang and its branches and subsidiaries are the key technology and industrialization projects of heavy-duty commercial vehicle natural gas engine, the research and application project of diesel engine common quality problem detection and process control, the development of innovative tools for automobile parts processing and the application project of automatic technology, and the innovative technology project of new lightweight material parts trial production.

FAW Jiefang has gained a lot in this award, which is the full recognition of FAW Jiefang's contribution to scientific and technological progress in the machinery industry, and also demonstrates FAW Jiefang's strength in technological innovation in the machinery industry. In the future, FAW Jiefang will continue to speed up technological innovation and breakthrough and cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises for win-win results and joint exploration to solve "bottleneck" technical problems in the process of industrial development, continue to enhance core competitiveness, promote the high-quality development of the independent car-making industry and the machinery industry of China, thereby achieving self-reliance in core key technologies.