Changchun Municipal Library

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The history of Changchun Municipal Library can be traced back to 1910. After 100 plus years of development, it has now had three retailing venues covering 35,000 square meters of floor area. The main venue totaling 8,000 square meters was completed and used in 1992. Its northern venue was opened to the public on September 28, 2009, and the southern one which was built on the basis of Manchurian Railway Bookstore covers over 2,000 square meters of floor area. The three venues are situated along the city’s central axis, making them very accessible to customers. In 2012, theme pavilions for music, toy, cartoon and others were opened in an effort to meet the demands of a wider range of customers, and thus make it a “Reading Room” and “No.2 Living Room” for the public.


The library provides readers open services in an all-round, one-stop pattern at such places as  book and journal reading center, multimedia reading room, conference and exhibition center, reading corner, lecture room, international communication corner, children’s center, digitalization center and information consulting center.


As of 2012, it had accumulated more than 2.52 million pieces of domestic and foreign publications including Chinese books, journals, foreign literatures, e-books, video-audio materials and classics. The collections about the Puppet Manchu Regime and the Cultural Revolution make the library a difference. In 2009, it appeared on the second list of units under the key protection of the nation’s classics. There are 15 kinds of its classics that have been listed into the Directory of China’s Precious Classics.   


Changchun Municipal Library has such brand service programs as “best sellers in the city”, ideological and moral lecture series for teenagers, leisure holiday reading series and thematic reading series. These programs have played a role in enriching people’s cultural life, spreading out of culture and popularizing the campaign of public reading. After 16 years of development, the program “best sellers in the city” has become a domestically famous lecturing brand which was listed into the “action plan for people’s well-being programs” from 2008 to 2012, and into the “action plan for the campaign of happy Changchun” in the year of 2013. The program ideological and moral lecture series for teenagers appeared on the list of winners “awards of stars ” unveiled at the 15th evaluation of program series by the Ministry of Culture. 


Address: 1956, Tongzhi Street, Changchun Municipal Library (Close to Zhongxin Street)

Telephone: 0431-85648171, 0431-85648279