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Jilin Provincial Library was founded in Jilin City in 1909 (the first year of Emperor Xuantong of Qing Dynasty). In 1954, it was relocated along with the People’s Government of Jilin Province to Changchun City. The refurbishment was started in 1957, and finished in 1958. In 1960, it was officially opened to the public.


The library is the center for literature information collections and services. It now has over three million pieces of books and a huge amount of digitalized literature resources in Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian and other languages. Of the total collections, 410,000 pieces are ancient books, 120,000 are books and journals in the period of Republic of China, and 50,000 are great historical significance in the study on the puppet Manchu regime.  


The library opens to the public all year round, and offers 24-hour online services including book and journal lending, reference and consulting, nonprofit lecturing, thematic exhibition, educational training, microcopy reading, etc.


As a sub-branch of China National Digital Library and a sub-center of China National Information Sharing Program in Jilin Province, Jilin Provincial Library is committed to introducing and applying hi-techs in an effort to diversity and improve its services. In 2008, the Federation of Libraries of Jilin Province was founded by Jilin Provincial Library in collaboration with local public libraries, research libraries and higher learning institution libraries.


Address: 1162, Xinmin Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun City

Postcode: 130021

Telephone: (+86 0431) 85632100

Fax: (+86 0431) 85644115

E-mail: jlstsguan@sina.com

Website: http://www.jlplib.com.cn/