Changchun Xinhua Bookstore

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Like its counterparts in China, Changchun Xinhua Bookstore has over 60 years of glorious history and fine traditions. Since 1949, especially after 1978, Changchun Xinhua Bookstore has achieved great development, with 17 branches (6,000 square meters in total) opened in the central areas of Changchun’s five districts. The deepening of reform and opening up and the development of market economy have brought about great improvement in the operating conditions of all stores attached to Xinhua in the city. The variety of publications has been diversified and the branch, the largest of its kind, has been established at No.40, Chongqing Road, the city’s most prosperous business street. Xinhua’s 17 branches have made a great contribution to the prosperity of local economy and to the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the city through science and technology.

Xinhua Bookstore (Chongqing Road)

Address: 40, Chongqing Road, Nanguan District, Changchun City

Telephone: 0431-88916736

Xinhua Bookstore (Hongqi Street)

Address: 525, Hongqi Street, Changchun City

Telephone: 0431-88914973

Xinhua Bookstore (Renmin Street)

Address: Renmin Street, Nanguan District, Changchun City

Telephone: 0431-85634401