United Bookstores (Group) Corporation of Changchun City

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The United Bookstores (Group) Corporation of Changchun City was founded on December 12, 1999. It is China’s first stock bookstore (group) corporation encompassing Changchun United Bookstore, Changchun Tongren Bookstore, Jilin Jiangnan Bookstore and Beijing Beifang United Book and Culture Corporation. The Qianjin Bookstore, Kuanping Bookstore, Weixing Bookstore, Jingyue Bookstore, Hongqi Bookstore and six WEI'S cafes and seven classic European galleries are the main points for its business. In line with the principle of “a reliable and accountable dealer saying no to piracy”, the group has been well recognized by local customers and 100 plus others in Beijing and Shanghai.    

Changchun United Bookstore

Address: 36, Furong Road, Kuancheng District

Telephone: 0431-82770115

Changchun Tongren Bookstore

Address: 788, Xikang Road (Intersection of Tongzhi Street and Xikang Road)

Telephone: 0431-85668138