Top Five Travel Routes for Ice and Snow Tourists

Updated : 2019-02-18Source : CCFAO
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The regional culture is full of vitality and charm. The organizing committee of the Ice and Snow Tourism Festival has selected five travel routes for the visitors from home and abroad.

[Route I]
Two-day Winter Tour in Changchun: A Cultural Tour of “Auspicious Snow and Pure Ice”
Mt. Lianhua Skiing Resort-Sculpture Park-City Planning Exhibition Hall-Eurasian Shopping Center-Northeastern Culture Park (Backpack Tour, Group Tour)
(Recommended Restaurants: Chun Fa He Restaurant, Xiao Jun Gan Hotpot, and Kebabs; Recommended Snacks: Jiang Laowu Fried Rice Noodles, Sister and Brother’s Potato Noodle)

[Route II]
Two-day Winter Tour in Changchun –“Walking on the Snow and Following the Wind” Ice and Snow Tour
Jingyue Lake Skiing Resort-Snow World-Bashu Yingxiang Food Street-Caesar Hot Spring Resort-Changchun World Sculpture Park-Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State (Backpack Tour, Group Tour)
(Recommended Restaurants: Feng Mao Kebabs, Ren Feng Ge Korean Food; Recommended Snacks: Featured Soybean Slices, Grandpa Han’s Tofu Strings)

[Route III]
Two-day Winter Tour in Changchun –“Ice and Snow Games” Light and Shadow Tour
Mt. Miaoxiang Skiing Resort-Changchun Agricultural Expo Park-Jilin Provincial Science, Technology and Culture Center-Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring-Changchun Movie Wonderland-Old Site Museum of Changchun Film Studio –Eurasia New Life Shopping Center (Backpack Tour, Group Tour)
(Recommended Restaurants: Changchun’s Time-honored Hui Bao Zhen Dumplings, Cha A Chong Restaurant; Recommended Snacks: Grandpa Lao Han’s Tofu Strings, Sister-in-law’s Duck Soup)

[Route IV]
Changchun-Fairy Land of Ice and Snow (5-day Tour)
Changchun-Songyuan-Fusong-Mt. Changbai-Changchun (Backpack Tour, Group Tour)
(Recommended Restaurants: Mt. Changbai Wild Fish Soup, Songfu’s Flavors, Ding Yuan Power) 

[Route V]
Changchun-Ice and Snow World (Five-day Tour)
Changchun-Jilin-Mt. Changbai -Dunhua-Changchun (Backpack Tour, Group Tour)
(Recommended Restaurants: Manchu Ura Hotpot, Incheon BBQ, Quan Zhou Korean Food Restaurant)