Ding Feng Zhen

Updated : 2019-02-19Source : CCFAO
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Ding Feng Zhen is a time-honored snack brand in Changchun. Changchun Ding Feng Zhen Food Store was founded in 1911. At that time, a merchant named Wang Xinrui built a large workshop at the crossroads of Dama Road and Simar Road in Changchun, and named it “Ding Feng Zhen”. Ding Feng Zhen attaches great importancegives priority to quality, reputation and brand effect in making its snacks, especially in the selection of materials and strict control of at every step.

For more than 100 yearsover a century, “Ding Feng Zhen” initiatedfounded by Wang Xinrui has stood the test of time. Today, “Ding Feng Zhen” has a number of chain stores in Changchun, and there are more than 100 kinds varieties of cakes available. Traditional cakes such as fried cakes, mung bean cakes, oiled tea noodles, and deep- fried flour twists are still highly see great popularity. New products like cream cakes, hibiscus quiche, eight –piece combinationcollection, and Beijing-style moon cakes are equally popular.