Hui Baozhen

Updated : 2019-02-19Source : CCFAO
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Speaking of the time-honored brands of Changchun, Hui Baozhen is surely one of them. Today, the main store of Hui Baozhen Dumpling Restaurant is relocated to Changtong Road. It has an ordinary appearance, with only golden a gilded plaque engraved with the restaurant’s name engraved on a blackboard. Here, it is difficult for you to find the grandeur and luxury of a time-honored brand might have.

In 1925, Hui Baozhen opened a “Hui’s Dumpling Restaurant” in Xinmin Alley. The dumplings in the restaurant requires high craftsmanship. Refined meat, vegetables and pepper watesaucer are put together at a proper proportion to serve as stuffing, and its dumplings are made at even size with thin skin, narrow folding edge, big stuffing and tender texture.  Because of its fair reasonable price, impeccablewarm service, good credibility, and good reputation, “Hui’s Dumpling Restaurant” was soon known in Changchun and quickly became famous in other places as well. In the 1930s and 1940s, Xinmin Alley, where the dumplings hall restaurant of Hui Baozhen was located, was in the most prosperous downtown area in Changchun. Travelers and merchants from all over the country would surely come here to eat a plate of dumplings and drink a few cups of liquor to their hearts’ content.

Hui Baozhen Dumpling Restaurant has a history of almost a hundred years. It was prosperous, in its early years, went through low ebbtime in the public-private partnership, was contracted for private operation in 1994, and has many branches restaurants at present. This time-honored Hui Baozhen brand is still full of vitality today.