Zhen Bu Tong

Updated : 2019-02-19Source : CCFAO
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Located in the prosperous Yongchun Road in Changchun, the time-honored Zhen Bu Tong provides deep-braised food with more than half a century history. As early as 1943, Hu Yunchang and a partner opened a deep-braised shop. Later, due to fierce competition, Hu Yunchang was forced to stand on his own. He visited the court royal chef at that time, went travelled to Beijing, Tianjin and other places to learn the art of cooking, and finally made his Zhen Bu Tong (lit. meaning “really different”) deep-braised series.

In 1981, 40 dishes of “Zhen Bu Tong” were included in "Jilin Recipes", such as deep-braised pork, smoked pork, roast pork, fructus amomi braised with port leg, smoked stomach, roast chicken, braised chicken, yellow croaker braised with onion, smoked beef, Zhen Bu Tong sausages, etc. with special distinctive local flavor. Although it is basically identified as a restaurant of deep-braised food, many diners will recommend the steamed soup bun here, where it contains abundant soup and delcious taste.