Daokou Braised Chicken

Updated : 2019-02-19Source : CCFAO
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In 1980, Yin Zhiyun, whose ancestral home was originally from in Anyang, Henan province, resigned from the position of the Grade- 8 craftsman, opened the mutton restaurant, and introduced the traditional Daokou Braised Chicken to Changchun. Fu Yide Daokou Braised Chicken was thus settled in Chuncheng.

Daokou Braised Chicken is made from the young hen. The hen is braised with with honey, salt, ginseng, velvet, clove, amomum, nutmeg, and other famous herbs with medical effect. They are braised in soup that has been recycled for many years, and the finished product are like treasure with bright color, and it has the functions of nutrition provision and health care. The craftsmanship of Fu Yide Daokou Braised Chicken has been passed down from generation to generation, forming its own unique flavor in Changchun.