Old Han Tofu Skewer

Updated : 2019-02-19Source : CCFAO
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Once upon a time, there was an old man selling tofu skewers. He wore a white hat all day long, pushed a small cart loaded with a glass box containing fragrant tofu skewers, walked around Tongzhi Street and Hongqi Street. People kindly called him "Old Han."

The Old Han was originally named Han Zaifa, a Hui nationality, and he came from Hanjiazhai in Shandong Province. In his childhood, he came to Xiaohelong, Long’an, Jilin Province with his father in the “Chuan Guan Dong” immigration movement. The family opened a beef shop to make a living. In the 1950s, Han Zaifa indiscriminately put chopped green onion, hot pepper powder, sesame and parsley over dried tofu, rolled them up, and put the rolls on small sticks. On the first day, the people on the street didn't know what it was, but skewers of golden and soft tofu waswere enough to arouse their appetite. After having a tastinge of it, all the people, man or woman, young or old, would never let go. About half a year later, the Old Han’s Tofu Skewers took root in the hearts of the Changchun people, has stayed there until today, and will stay there in the future.