Ouyang Homey Furnace PancCake

Updated : 2019-02-19Source : CCFAO
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At 100 meters away from the east of the intersection of Xisima Road and Dajing Road in Changchun City, there is a very ordinary snack restaurant called Ouyang Homey Furnace Cake. The founder owner of the store is Ouyang Juhui, a retired famous actor. The Ouyang family is a family of double skills: drama and catering. The family members either chose to learn drama or opened a restaurant.

The pancake making of Ouyang’s family was passed down for three generations, and its philosophy of “High Quality, Low Price and Genuine Material” has lasted till today. High-quality flour mixed with onion oil is used to make the cake. It is cooked with moderate fire that requires high skills. It tastes tender inside and but crispy outside. Its specialty, the egg cake matched with mushroom marinade, is served in the enamel bowl used by many kindergartens in the 1980s. The taste is fresh and tender, reminding people of the old days.