Bus Transportation

Updated : 2019-01-21Source : CCFAO
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As a large state-owned enterprise, Changchun Bus Transportation Group has 6,822 employees and 3,200 buses, and serves 142 routes totaling 2,609 kilometers. It is now able to transport 52,404 passengers every year. Under the group, there are 23 subsidiaries undertaking the transportation tasks in downtown and suburban areas of the city.


In recent years, the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Changchun City has implemented the policy of “getting bus transportation prioritized” in an effort to upgrade route network, invest more on station facilities, put more new buses into use and improve service quality. Under such circumstances, Changchun Bus Transportation Group has adjusted operation and vehicle structures, upgraded transportation network, opened new routes, and added night buses to provide passengers hospitable, safe, convenient, clean and affordable services. The employees of the group including Cui Shusen, Jiang Guifeng, Tian Xianmin, Sun Qian and Nie Yongjun have become role models in the field. The group has obtained a list of honorary titles including National Second-grade Enterprise, National “Labor Day” Award, and Top Ten Bus Transportation Enterprises of China. To make its service a difference, the group has added new buses to the route No.306. These buses are named after Changchun’s sister cities including Ulsan, Sendai and Masterton. In addition, words and pictures are used to introduce such cities’ politics, economy, culture and geography as well as their friendly exchanges with Changchun City.


To further make its service go international, the drivers of tram No. 54 are able to announce station names in five different languages and those at four-star level or above for such routes as No. 362, No. 363, No. 62, No. 88 and No. 160 are able to announce station names in both English and mandarin.


To get details of bus routes, please visit: http://emap.changchun.gov.cn/map.