Shuangyang Yulong Hot Spring Resort

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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Shuangyang Yulong Hot Spring Resort, 37 kilometers away from downtown area, is located in Yangjia Village, Shuangyang District (South Garden) of Changchun City. Invested by Jilin Donghua Education Group with RMB300 million, the resort is built in line with the standard of a five-star hotel. The hot spring, 80,000 square meters in total, is famous for its unique “southern scenery” in the field. The resort covers a parking area totaling approximately 20,000 square meters, four guest buildings A, B, C and D, and a 26-meter high sunshine shed. The heavyweight steel building tops the national indoor hot springs because it uses more steel than Changchun Longjia Airport, wining itself the fame of “Bird’s Nest” in southeastern China.


Small hills, rocks, woods, springs, falls, streams, pools and flowers in the resort feature a subtropical rainforest climate and landscape. Trees and grasses inside of it are perfectly prosperous. Fifty distinctive hot spring pools are scattered like stars in the green yard. Such leisure facilities as fumigation room, hardstone room, volcanic room, steam room, yoga club, fitness plaza, simulated golf course, shooting place, archery field and bowling alley are available for guests to relieve sub-health worries and fatigue. Comfortable leisure chairs in the garden and sixteen landscape villas serve as a fairyland for guests. Japanese and Korean luxury suits are also attractive. Northern and southern cuisines as well as deer feast with the characteristics of the hometown of Chinese sika deer enable the guests to enjoy a real treat after relaxation.

As the training base of the subsidiary school of Jilin Donghua Group, Yulong Hot Spring Resort also functions as an ideally practical teaching place for students majoring in landscape architecture, construction, environment, tourism and catering.

The Yulong Hot Spring Resort, invested and built by Jilin Donghua Education Group, is called “Yulong Hot Spring” for short.


The water, running all year round, is piped up from 1256.58 meters underground. The temperature is about 50°C. The spring water here, according to the national official statistics, is rich in iron, manganese, arsenic, fluorine, copper, zinc, selenium and sulfate. These nutrient minerals are essential to human body, helping to adjust endocrine, recover body functions and improve micro circulation. They also play an irreplaceable role in fatigue alleviating.


I. Get in by Self-driving: Visitors can drive along Changqing Highway in Jingyue Development Zone (via Changchun Movie Wonderland) towards Shuangyang District. Drive slowly when you see a square after entering Shuangyang, then you can find signs telling you the direction to the resort. Such signs can also be found after you enter the downtown area.


II. Get in by Bus: Get on the bus to Shuangyang at the gate of Rock Music Club at the People's Square of Changchun City. When arriving at “Shuangyang New Passenger Station”, you can transfer to the shuttle to the resort or go there by taxi (about RMB20).

Ticket Price

Monday to Thursday  RMB138/per person (excluding fish pedicure)

Friday to Sunday     RMB168/per person (excluding fish pedicure)

Ticket Booking Discount

Monday to Thursday  RMB118/per person (excluding holidays and festivals)

Friday to Sunday     RMB148/per person (including holidays and festivals)