Peony Garden

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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The Peony Garden was built in 1998. It is located at 3133, western side of Renmin Street, and is adjacent to Changchun Sports Gymnasium, it echoes with the Grand Oriental Theatre of Ji Opera Group sitting afar.


After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, the garden has been made a top-notch place of interest in Jilin Province and even in China’s three northeastern provinces. Inside the garden are studded with famous flowers and rare trees, including over 1,000 plants of tree peonies, and over 2,000 plants of peonies. Aquarium fishes are bred here for visitors to appreciate in summer. For each blossom season, the garden will receive more 100,000 visitors each day. It covers an area of 6.56 hectares. In 1988, the first batch of tree peonies totaling over 600 plants and peonies totaling over 1,000 plants were transplanted into the garden from Heze, Shangdong Province, and Gansu Province, followed by more than 400 plants of Gansu peonies in 2000. 


Telephone:    0431-89901222


Address:       Western side of Renmin Street, Kuancheng District