Chongqing Rd. Business District

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Chongqing Rd. Business District

Check out the place behind Shangri-La Hotel as well as the shops along Chongqing Road itself. The Charter Shopping Mall is an up-market shopping area. It has a very nice supermarket in the basement in which all kinds of foreign foodstuffs are sold. A major Wal-Mart can be found opposite the Shangri-La Hotel. Further down Chongqing Road you will find a bird, fish and flower market and an art supply shop, both of which are worth visiting.


Charter Shopping Center

Founded in 1999 as a member of the Sodality of High-level Department Stores of China and one of the famous department stores in China, Charter Shopping Center is located in the center of the prosperous central business district, Chongqing Rd., “golden street”, and is adjacent to such business establishments as Shangri-La Hotel, Wanda Shopping Plaza, Wall-mart, Changchun Department Store, International Trade Shopping Center and Yatai Fuyuan Shopping Center. There are also hotels, restaurants and franchised stores around it. The traffic is convenient, with direct buses of over 20 bus routes or many other others passing by its neighborhood. 

It was designed by SOM Company, with a total construction area of 0.133 million square meters, integrating retail of daily consumer goods, hotels, catering and entertainment. There are 40 escalators, 20 public lifts, and four goods lifts as well as intellectual management systems of all kinds that have been installed inside the shopping center. The parking lot under the ground is about 15, 000 square meters which can hold more than 300 cars at the same time.  

Many luxury brands including LOUIS, VUITTON, CARTIER, GUCCI, FENDI, EMPORIO, ARMANI, BURBERRY, Ermenegildo, Zegna, BALLY, HUGO BOSS, MaxMara, MONT, LANC, CHANEL, LANCOME and ESTEE LAUDER can be founded here. Charter Shopping Center offers proprietary service of accompanying for shopping or acting as an agent to do the shopping for huge clients and also provides high-quality commodity and life proposals for top-end customers.


Add.: No. 99, Chongqing Rd.

Tel.: 0431-8922555-0120/0121

Buses: No. 62, 362

Changchun Department Store

Changchun Department Store Group Corporation is one of the national large-scale department stores. It is a second-grade enterprise, situated at the intersection between Chongqing Road and Renmin Street. The traffic is convenient. The business scope mainly includes retail and wholesale of daily consumer goods. It covers 14 shopping areas for daily use articles, household appliances, foods, knitted garments, exquisite clothes and ornaments, telecommunication equipment, consumer goods supermarkets, self selections, garments, clocks and watches and digital products. It is the largest department store in Jilin Province with a total business area of 60,000 square meters.   

Add.: No. 77, Renmin St., Changchun City

Tel.: 0431-8922318, 8922310

Buses: No. 6, 5, 62


Changchun International Trade Center

Located in downtown, Changchun International Trade Center covers a total business area of 18,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive department store characterized by selling domestic and international famous watches, with its name often clicked on the websites for luxury watch brands.

Add.: No. 79, Renmin St.

Tel.: 0431-88968439

Buses: No. 3, 4, 5, 6

Renfang Underground Shopping Center

Renfang Underground Shopping Center is located in the golden business area of Chongqing Rd. Being the largest of its kind in Changchun, Renfang Underground Shopping Center is mainly engaged in selling clothes and accessories as well as shoes, hats, clocks, watches and other daily necessities. It is a comprehensive shopping center integrating shopping, entertainment and catering. The traffic is convenient, so customers visiting here is estimated at some 0.1 million every day. 

Chongzhi Department Store

Located on Chongzhi Road, Chongzhi Department Store covers a total business area of 10,000 square meters in which exquisite products, daily consumer goods, SPA, photography, audio and video products, photocopying repairing and processing and other services as well as tens of thousands of brand products from ROK, Taiwan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen can be found.

Add.: Chongzhi Road

Buses: No.19, 6, 62

Tel.: 0431-88969150

Anhua Telecommunication Shopping Mall

Anhua Telecommunication is the first of its kind selling mobile phones in Changchun. The prices it offers are more competitive. New types of cell phones of all kinds can be found here. Anhua Second-hand Trading Center is the only trading center designated by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Public Security.

Add.: Intersection of Xi’an Rd. and Guangming Rd.

Buses: No. 254, No. 64, No. 5, No. 13, No. 269

Yatai Fuyuan Shopping Center

Located in the middle part of Chongqing Rd. Pedestrian, Yatai Fuyuan is a large-scale modern shopping mall mainly engaged in selling clothes and accessories, etc.

Add.: No. 618, Chongqing Rd.

Tel.: 88492666

Buses: No. 62, 362, 281


Located in a golden business district, Wal-Mart, an American supermarket chain, is a large retail center of goods of all kinds.

Add.: Intersection of Xi’an Rd. and Chongqing Rd.

Tel.: 8982600

Buses: No. 62, 362