Euroasia Shopping Mall

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Euroasia Shopping Mall was opened in late 2000 as a national famous shopping center and urban complex. It covers a total construction area of 0.56 million square meters, ranking the first around the world. It is now under the application for the world’s Guinness Record, with prequalification already ratified in the UK headquarters. The parking lot is 0.2 million square meters on which some 10,000 parking space are available. It receives 0.2 million customers every day, and in festivals and holidays the number reaches up to 0.5 million people. In 2010, the sales volume reached RMB 6 billion, up 25% year on year. Four avenues running along all floors including Bohai Sea Avenue, Yellow Sea Avenue, East Sea Avenue and South Sea Avenue, each totaling 1 kilometers, have been opened due to its spacious advantages. Four landscape halls, Pacific Ocean Hall, Atlantic Ocean Hall, Indian Ocean Hall and Arctic Ocean Hall, have also been built. Surrounding the four avenues and the four landscape halls are big shops selling products of all kinds.  

Furniture, household appliances, decoration materials, daily consumer goods, foods, exquisite clothes, jewelries, cultural and sports products, household life pavilion, recreational sports center, cosmetics center, medicine supermarkets and stores for fur clothes and coats as well as catering, IMAX theater, indoor golf course, badminton hall, children’s amusement park, large indoor skating rink, skin care and hairdressing, financial service, sightseeing tourism and others have accelerated the development of such upstream and downstream industries as real estate, manufacturing, processing, transportation, catering service and sightseeing tourism, thereby playing a very important role in revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, and improving people’s happiness index. It has been widely accepted by experts at home and abroad as the most dynamic modern shopping mall. It has so far been awarded as one of the national harmonious business enterprises, one of the national qualified department stores, a modern circulation industry demonstration unit, and a tax payment credit grade-A unit. Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the PRC made an inspection tour to Euroasia Shopping Mall. 


Add.: No. 196, Kaiyun St.

Tel.: 0431-85541300

Buses: No. 20, 52, 184