Heping Theater of Changchun City

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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The Heping Theater of Changchun City is home to a list of popular stars including Xu Kaiquan, head of the performing fleet, Sun Xiaobao, Laozhaitou, Yu Xiaofei, Tong Changjiang, Jiang Xiaodong and Li Maomao. Over ten years of development, the theater has developed into a place covering four branches with over 200 performers from whom customers can enjoy nine out of ten best 300-year-old Errenzhuan, a genre of local folk dance and song in Northeast China.


HHeping Theater-(0431)88952947

2302, Renmin Square, Renmin Street, Chaoyang District

HHeping Theater (Headquarters)-(0431)88934304

15, Chongqing Road, Nanguan District

HHeping Theater-(0431)88911315

909, Wanbao Street (Intersection of Jiefang Road and Wanbao Street)

HHeping Theater-(0431)84979777

375, Kaixuan Road, Kuancheng District (Close to Tiebei No. 2 Road)