Two Skiing Slopes Opened at Changchun Lianhuashan Shimao Ski Resort

  The Changchun Lianhuashan Shimao Ski Resort has attracted many visitors over the past days since it was officially opened to the public. 
  The resort is about 39 kilometers away from town and about 20 kilometers from Changchun Longjia International Airport. The traffic is convenient. There are 11 slopes, including 2 for beginners, 4 for fans at middle level and 5 for veterans. The slopes total 20 hectares and 13,340 meters in length. 
  “We have so far opened two slopes for beginners and veterans respectively. The one for veterans is 1.4km long, suitable for those to go up for higher levels. All the rest slopes will be opened by early December this year,” said Song Guang, Manager of Marketing of Changchun Lianhuashan Shimao Ski Resort. 
  As a medium-sized ski resort for both ski fans and athletes, Changchun Lianhuashan Shimao Ski Resort has also opened a training camp aimed at providing better experience for the visitors. 
  “The training is good for both beginners and veterans. There are 37 coaches available for teaching single board and double boards,” said Song Guang. 
  The resort is now operated in line with the mode of reservation. The reservation made in a formal way is accepted, but not when the number goes up to the peak of the day. In addition, auspicious code and travel code need to be checked before entering the resort.