Chagan Lake Ice Fishing Festival

  The 20th annual Ice Fishing Festivalwill be held from 28 December 2021 to 28 February 2022 in Chagan Hubei Scenic Area. The official opening ceremony will be held on December 26,Sunday.
  This year, the festival will consist of three themes: "Ice Lake Fishing Season," "Ice Carnival" and the "Cultural Tourism Trade Fair." Apart from the opening ceremony, the festival will also feature numerous other traditional ceremonies, an ice and snow theme park, a "New Year" exhibition, and 20 other traditional projects.
  The main venue, Naboo Square, is currently being prepared for the opening ceremony of the tourism festival. Construction on the Naboo Ice and Snow Park has been preliminarily completed, and other related projects are also nearing completion.
  Workers at the Chagan Lake Fishery Company, have been working around the clock to complete the massive fishing net that will be usedfor the festival. The net itself is about 2, 000 meters long and can catch thousands of kilograms of fish.
  In order to better protect ecological resources, Chagan Lake adheres to the strategy of "grasping the big and letting the small go." Fishing is mainly carried out with a 6-inch mesh net, which means small fish under 4 kg can be sifted out by the net. When the net is closed, the fisherman will set free any smaller fish caught accidentally so that the fish will continue to survive and multiply in the lake.
  Since 1993, the Chagan Lake has been carrying out an annual proliferation and release operation, with an average of 8 to 12 million fish fry released into the lake each year. This not only improves the fishing resources, but can also aid in the purification of the lake itself.
  Chagan Lake has a surplus every year, not only because ofthe added fish, but also because Songyuan City protects the ecological environment of the lake.
  With the establishment and management of the Chagan Lake 5A scenic spot, the tourist site will be officially closed from December 1, 2021 to allow for ecological recovery.
  Tickets for the scenic spots are now on sale, as follows:
  1. Presale time
  The official pre-sale of annual tickets began on 28 November 2021.
  2. Ticket Prices
  Ticket price is 98 yuan / person;
  The annual card price in Jilin Province is 198 yuan / year /person;
  Jilin Province Foreign Year Card price is 298 yuan / year /person;
  Songyuan residents will implement half-price annual card sales before December 28, 2021, that is 99 yuan / year / person; Annual ticket is not limited to the number of times to enter the scenic area.
  3. Other attractions
  The Royal Palace of Guo Er Luo, Fishing and Hunting Culture Museum, Genghis Khan Zhao, Miao Yin Temple and Shengjing Ice Lake are included in the tickets, with no additional charges.
  4. How to Buy Tickets
  Online tickets: You can go through "Chagan Lake ScenicArea Mobile Official Website," "Chagan Lake Scenic Area WeChat", and "Meituan” online ticket purchases.
  Visitors can also buy annual tickets to Songyuan City, Neiyuan Jiang East Road 1500 (next to the Mongolia Aili area) or at the East, South, North Tourist Service Centers.
  Please bring your ID card or passport when buying tickets.
  Telephone number for consultation: