Changchun New Ice - Snow World Invites Nationwide "Buddies" for a Tour

Updated : 2024-01-11Source : CCFAO
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Changchun New Ice - Snow World, located in the ChangChun Lianhuashan Eco-tourist Resort, is the world's largest ice and snow theme amusement park as well as a core component of Tianding Mountain Tourist Resort Town, a national 4A-level scenic area. This year, within a park covering 1.56 million square meters, using 428,000 cubic meters of ice and 310,000 cubic meters of snow, Changchun New Ice - Snow World has constructed 120 single ice and snow structures. With the support of various photoelectric technologies, it presents a colorful and magnificent scene of a flourishing ice and snow kingdom.

The featured theme of this year - "Ice and Snow Silk Road, Soaring Dragon and Flourishing Age" highlights national prosperity and peace. "Ice and Snow Silk Road" is a concept first proposed by Jilin Province. It serves as a platform for extensive cooperation and exchange with countries along the "Belt and Road", which is centered around Jilin Province, rooted in Northeastern China, and oriented towards Northeast Asia. It also represents an innovative approach to deepening the integration of culture and tourism, with profound background and rich connotations. "Soaring Dragon and Flourishing Age" aligns with the Year of the Dragon in 2024 while reflecting a prosperous and peaceful era.

The charm of science and technology is emphasized in the "Two Major Product Features". Firstly, sound and photoelectricity are applied more extensively. Building on the unique lighting of single ice and snow structures from the past, advanced audio and photoelectric technologies are introduced for the overall intelligent lighting design of all ice and snow structures by integrating more creative landscape lighting and enhancing the combination of light and shadow. Secondly, technology applications are more diverse. Utilizing laser, 3D mapping projection shows, and other high-tech means, technologically enhanced snow sculptures such as Ancient Roman numeral snow sculptures, vigorous spirit number snow sculptures, and good fortune and success number snow sculptures have been created. This not only brings snow sculptures to life, but also enhances color layering and visual penetration of the ice and snow structures.

The "Three Must-Try Projects" offer an exciting experience of ice and snow. This year, Changchun New Ice - Snow World has expanded its range of entertainment projects. It has created a 670,000-square-meter ice and snow amusement space, over 60 various thrilling ice slides, and 30 different ice and snow amusement projects of five series. Among these projects, the "Three Must-Try Projects" are the 1,260-meter-long Sky Snow Drifting, Huaguoshan Water Curtain Cave, and the 512.6-meter Thrilling Ice Slide. The ultra-long distance of ice skating and skiing greatly enhances the entertainment value of the experience.

The "Four Major Theme Performances" allow visitors to experience regional culture. In six locations within the park, six major show venues have been established: Rush to Northeast Theme Performance, Central Stage - Large-scale Performance Area, Traditional Chinese Style Theme Performance, Shaman Theme Performance, Journey to the West Theme Performance, and Ice and Snow Silk Road Cultural Performance. These show venues feature four major theme cultural performances: Northeastern China culture, film culture, Manchu culture, and traditional Chinese style culture, vividly presenting regional culture and rich folk customs from the perspective of ice and snow.

The "Five Major Animation Products" bring back the romantic childhood. This year's New World of Ice and Snow is full of fashionable elements by introducing five major animation products: the mascot "Shuey Rhon Rhon" of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games, the adorable Siberian Tiger China-chic cartoon "Fat Tiger", the mascot cartoon "Fat Dragon" for the Year of the Dragon, the world-class animation "Frozen", and the traditional Chinese animation "Journey to the West - Huaguoshan". These products not only allow young visitors to play and have fun but also make adult visitors feel as if they have returned to their romantic childhood era.