Inject "exhibition power" into development of auto industry—data for 19th China (Changchun) International Auto Expo

Updated : 2022-08-09Source : Jilin Daily
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The 19th China (Changchun) International Auto Expo came to a close on July 24, delivering a heavy result with eye-catching data.
All data reflects the important role of this year' expo in enriching people's lives, stimulating market consumption, boosting local economy, driving industrial growth and enhancing urban influence and highlights its significance in helping Changchun reach the world and promoting the high-quality development of the auto industry. 
The level and quality of the exhibition keep improving. The auto expo attracted 128 domestic mainstream manufacturers and internationally renowned auto enterprises, with a total of 155 participating brands and 1,330 vehicles on display. The exhibition area of brands increased compared with last year, and the proportion of exhibitors' A-class booths reached 80 percent for the first time. Launch activities of 17 domestic debuts and 18 new car models were held during the expo.
The influence of the exhibition industry continues to strengthen. A total of 618,000 people visited the auto expo this year, including 202,000 at the main venue—Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center, and 416,000 at the branch venue. More than 120,000 people visited the online expo. Over 100 media outlets and nearly 3,000 journalists participated in the publicity and reporting of the expo, and network media such as WeChat and Douyin racked up nearly 210 million views. 
Boost auto consumption in the province. A total of 30,705 vehicles were sold during the expo, with a turnover of 6.333 billion yuan. Changchun invested 64 million yuan to carry out auto subsidy activities, which greatly promoted people's auto consumption by superimposing the preferential efforts launched by the State and exhibitors.
Data for related industries rises significantly. Statistics show that during the expo, the occupancy rate of medium and large-sized hotels reached the peak of the year, an increase of 65.1 percent. The number of bus passengers grew 155 percent. The capacity of taxis (hail rides) was 10 times that of non-exhibition periods, with 18,000 passengers and an increase of 125 percent. The business hours of restaurants extended, and the attendance rate exceeded 90 percent. The average return rate of employees in leisure and entertainment venues hit 80 percent, the customer reception rate increased 62 percent, and the operating income surged 80 percent. The reception volume of major scenic spots, such as the Museum of the Imperial Palace of "Manchukuo", Jingyuetan National Forest Park and Changchun World Sculpture Park, reached 3-4 times of the usual amount. The business volume of advertising, design and construction, equipment leasing and logistics enterprises jumped 75 percent, creating nearly 20,000 jobs.
Lead the trend of "moving north" of new energy vehicles. The expo saw the display of more than 200 new energy vehicles from 18 brands including BYD, Li Auto, Arcfox, SAIC Audi, GAC Aion, Voyah, Zeekr, Deepal, HiPhi, Dongfeng-Nissan and Huawei AITO. The proportion of new energy exhibition vehicles reached a new high, reflecting the attitude and determination of many car companies to explore the new energy market in the north.
Create cooperation opportunities for auto parts companies. The Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair of Auto Parts was held by the expo and broadcast live in more than 200 countries and regions in English, Japanese, Russian and Korean, so as to promote the export of auto parts. During the expo, 326 participating manufacturers in Changchun exhibited 457 kinds of products and 6,176 pieces of auto parts and signed purchase contracts worth 780 million yuan and intended purchase contracts worth 450 million yuan. 4 companies intended to set offices in the Jilin New Energy Vehicle Industrial Park. 
Carry out cultural experience activities to enrich auto culture. The combination with auto cultural activities has always been a unique feature of the Changchun International Auto Expo. This year, the expo held a series of cultural experience activities such as the 2022 Changchun Auto Short Track Series, car parade and influencer livestreaming to attract the broad participation of the public. 
Develop a first-class auto show to revitalize the auto industry. The 19th China (Changchun) International Auto Expo injected "exhibition power" into the recovery of the province's auto industry after the COVID-19 outbreak this year. After 23 years, the expo has become a bright name card of Changchun Auto City, an opportunity to promote the upgrading of automobile consumption, a feast of auto culture, as well as a window for industrial exchanges and cooperation, constantly contributing to the development of the auto industry of Jilin province.