The 13th China Northeast Asia Expo Opened on the 23rd

Updated : 2021-09-24Source : CCFAO
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The 13th China Northeast Asia Expo was opened on September 23, 2021. In line with the theme of “joining hands for new development in Northeast Asia”, the event is meant to highlight regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, build a high-level dialogue platform and promote the construction of an open economic rim. 

The opening ceremony of the 13th China Northeast Asia Expo and the 11th Northeast Asia Cooperation Summit Forum were attended six dignitaries from Mongolia, ROK, Japan, Russia, Italy and Finland in the form of recorded video speeches. The dignitary of DPRK congratulated the opening of the event with a letter. Foreign envoys from Japan, DPRK, Russia, ROK and Mongolia, senior officials of governments, international organizations, leaders of competent domestic ministries and commissions, heads of international well-known business associations, senior executives of Global 500, Top 500 of China, central enterprises and famous enterprises at home and abroad, senior executives of international financial and investment institutions as well as representatives at sub-provincial level or above of domestic provinces (regions and cities)  and relevant government delegations joined the exposition offline. Based on the new development stage, all participants are expected to reach consensus through high-level dialogues on promoting China and neighboring countries to get integrated into the “Belt and Road” Initiative, strengthen cooperation in such aspects as resource development, industrial coordination, channel construction and financial reciprocity to promote regional coordinated development and common prosperity. Before the opening ceremony, the leaders at state level inspected the venue. 

In addition to the main forum, 10 conferences will be held during the exposition. The 6th Global Conference for Entrepreneurs of Jilin Province, Global Conference for Entrepreneurs of Shanxi Province, Summit Forum 2021 for China’s Top 500 Enterprises, Trip for Multinational Companies to Jilin Province, and other business inspections, exchanges, discussions and signing activities will also be held in the same period. 

The total exhibition area of this Northeast Asia Expo is about 70,000 square meters, covering pavilions of sci-tech innovation, automobile, Northeast Asian countries, Jilin Province, provinces, regions and cities of China, imported commodities, new media livestream for 1001 exhibitors from home and abroad. 

The organizing committee says physical exhibition and “cloud exhibition” have been combined for the first time for this edition for which such internet technologies as VR, plane display and big data have been adopted for online exhibition, conference, sales promotion and cross-border e-commerce so as to build up a new form of exhibition and create an everlasting “Northeast Asia Expo” online.