16 Key Enterprises of Changchun New Area to Debut at Northeast Asia Expo

Updated : 2021-09-23Source : CCFAO
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The preparation for 13th China Northeast Asia Expo is moving forward as smoothly as scheduled. Changchun New Area’s 16 key enterprises will debut at the Jilin Pavilion. 

The exhibition section of Changchun New Area covers eight parts, namely, Achievements of Changchun New Area, Industries of Changchun New Area, Carriers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Key Projects, International Cooperation, Airport Economy, International Land Port and the “14th Five-Year Plan” of Changchun New Area, which are expected to highlight Changchun New Area’s promoting in line with high standards the construction of Changchun National Regional Innovation Center, deeply promoting industrial innovation, technological innovation, collaborative innovation and reform and innovation, accelerating the construction of top four industrial clusters of biomedicine, IT, aerospace and advanced equipment manufacturing, striving to build an innovative industrial base supporting the city and serving the whole province and a regional sci-tech innovation center that is top-notch on a national scale and in a leading position in Northeast China and, and building such a modern new area that features top-end industries, active innovation, openness, inclusiveness and ecological livability.