New Media Livestream Hall Highlights Attractiveness of Jilin Province

Updated : 2021-09-16Source : CCFAO
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The 13th China Northeast Asia Expo will be held on September 23, 2021. Insiders say the event will become a “chorus” of regional cooperation in Northeast Asia and a big stage to boost the Chang-Ji-Tu Initiative, revitalization of Northeast China and prosperity of Northeast Asia. The New Media Livestream Hall will help publicize the all-round, comprehensive revitalization of Jilin Province and deepen the regional cooperation in Northeast Asia. 

The livestream hall is inside the Pavilion 1 of Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, covering an area of 2,800 square meters. It is divided into such sections as “Light and Shadow Experience”, “Trip to Jilin”, “Stage Activity” and “Livestream Promotion”. With new media advantages utilized, cyber celebrity business integrated, and online and offline forms combined, new momentum are expected to be added to promote the new business form of digital economy and the new development of Jilin Province. 

The section for Light and Shadow Experience highlights the natural ecological landscape of four seasons in Jilin Province with lighting, fog, interaction, imaging, landscaping and music devices to create an interactive experience space of “dynamic and static and virtual and real combination” for the visitors. 

The section Trip to Jilin takes EMU Train “Fuxing” as a design element and carrier to display digital trade promotion platform, equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture, biomedicine, film and television culture for which physical objects, models and films as well as screen, all-in-one machine and online VR exhibition will be combined to demonstrate the attractiveness of Jilin Province to the visitors online and offline. 

The section Stage Activity is meant to promote stage performance, industrial salons, publicity of government affairs of cities and prefecture, culture and tourism as well as local ethnic dances, songs, folk music and symphonies through which the visitors will enjoy something like a trip to different countries in Northeast Asia. 

The livestream section includes 8 rooms for exhibiting and selling products under promotion by the “first secretaries” of villages, special local products of cities and prefecture, products promoted by the Handicapped Federation of Jilin Province, cross-border commodities, smart sci-tech products and also for training and livestream experience.