Changchun Folk Art Expo

Updated : 2019-01-29Source : CCFAO
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The 11th China (Changchun) International Folk Art Expo concluded with a success on August 13, 2018. On the closing day, the free-entry policy for the benefits of the public was implemented, which increased the amount of cultural consumption to a great extent. Over the past five days, the number of visitors attracted to the exposition has increased to more than 500,000 people, and the amount of trade volume to RMB230 million. Insiders say such achievement has laid a foundation for the transformation of Changchun Folk Art Expo from a consumption-oriented event to a professional one. 

As one of the important work for Changchun Folk Art Expo, the selection of winners of Mountainous Flower Awards can not only improve the quality of attainments of folk artistic works but also promote the healthy development of folk culture and art industry. This year, the preliminary selection of the 14th Mountainous Flower Awards for Folk Arts · Outstanding Folk Arts and Crafts of China was organized. Among the works in the contest of the 11th China (Changchun) International Folk Art Expo 54 won elaborate awards. The gold prizes went to Remain True to Original Aspiration by Song Shuiguan, Eight Immortals’ Exquisite Lantern by Zhou Guixin, Speedy Success by Zhou Guozhen, and Martial God of Wealth; the silver prizes to Famous Chinese General Zhao Yun by Yang Guangquan and Gentle Breeze Blowing Freely by Yu Xiaolong; and the bronze prizes to Skin Sculpture—Peking Opera Figure Mu Guiying by Wang Huaimin. The inauguration ceremony for the Changchun Folk Art Industry Base at Changjiang Road was also held during the exposition. The base is said to accommodate eight projects including Cultural and Creative Collection Center, Calligraphy, Painting and Literature Center, Special Ceramic Research Center, Ceramic and Fine Arts Research Workshop, Collection of Antiques and Artistic Rarities, Workshop for Antiques and Artistic Rarities, Identification and Auction of Antiques and Artistic Rarities and Exhibition of Antiques and Artistic Rarities to help create an everlasting folk art exposition in Changchun City and thus promote Changchun Folk Art Expo up to a higher level. 

This year, more importance was attached to making the event open and inclusive, which, in turn, attracted the participation of exhibitors from 20 plus countries, including a heavyweight delegation from Nigeria which participated in the exhibition and sale of exhibits. In addition, the products with the first secretaries of municipal departments as spokesmen responsible for poverty relief for low-income villages also made their debuts at the exposition. The effort not only expanded the sales channel of such products but also provided low-price, good-quality products for the public, and more importantly increased the incomes of low-income villages