Changchun Agriculture Expo

Updated : 2019-01-29Source : CCFAO
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 Changchun Agriculture Expo, Gold-lettered Signboard in Field of Agriculture Explosions of China

The 17th China Changchun International Agriculture · Food Expo (Trade Fair) “Publicity and Guidance, Science and Eco-friendlies, Culture and Trade, Brand and Security” was opened on August 17, 2018. The 10-day event, Changchun Agriculture Expo, was said to have triggered the enthusiasm of the public to visit the Changchun Agri-Expo Park.  

36 Activities in Five Sections, Different Exhibits Debut at Different Editions 

Changchun Agriculture Expo is not just a feast in this summer for local citizens but also a gala for those from other places at home and abroad. With a total land area of 1.06 million square meters, Changchun Agri-Expo Park has 600,000 square meters for exhibition, including 200,000 indoor square meters covering a main pavilion, a subordinate pavilion and an underground exhibition hall, a smart greenhouse totaling 60,000 square meters, a pavilion for fungi and vegetables, two residential buildings featuring new socialist countryside characteristics, exhibition sections for plants, four modernized greenhouses and 11 greenhouses for Kaffir Lily flowers, and 400,000 outdoor square meters for a main square, and sections of exhibition for farming machineries, energy equipment for rural areas, light industry products, modern planting industry, means of production and exquisite animal husbandry.  

All editions in different years are different from each other. For this year, 36 activities in five sections are scheduled to be organized one after another. The exhibition will be serving as a platform for economic and cultural activities. Inside the pavilions, such exhibition and sale activities as Exhibition of Exquisite Agricultural Products of Changchun City & Jilin Province, Exhibition of Leading Agricultural Industrialization Enterprises, Exhibition of Exquisite International Agricultural Products, Exhibition of National Landmark Agricultural Products and Exhibition of Supply and Marketing of Special Agricultural Products will be organized this year. In addition, the organizing committee will set up effective matching platforms for government and enterprises, exhibitors and purchasers, experts and the public.  

Science Popularization and Industrial Demonstration Combined to Provide Visitors a Chance of Learning while Visiting 

With industrial demonstration and science popularization combined together, Changchun Agriculture Expo has become a platform pleasing both minds and eyes.  

At the industrial demonstration and science popularization section, such contents as demonstration of new agricultural varieties, techniques and modes, exhibition of leisure and sightseeing, exquisite animal husbandry and Kaffir Lily flowers will be set up to showcase the latest achievements and technologies at the outdoor sections, greenhouses, fungi and vegetable bases. In addition, science popularization will be organized inside the pavilions for folk customs, culture, fishery, smart agricultural monitoring and science fair to ensure the visitors can learn some new knowledge during the visit.  

As part of the Exhibition of Facilities, Equipment and Livable Surroundings, the beautiful, livable rural residential buildings are expected to provide building models for rural citizens by means of exhibition of smart greenhouses, farming machineries, new-type energy equipment and energy saving equipment, and livable surroundings.  

Economic and Trade Talks, Attraction of Intellectuals and Capitals Combined to Serve the Whole Province 

The content of economic and trade activities is rich. Right before the exposition was opened, several dozen enterprises in and out of Jilin Province had registered to promote their projects and products. This year, the farmers of all counties and townships will also demonstrate their skills in such activities as entertaining games, grass weaving competition, rural tourism festival, rural singing and dancing contest, versatile villagers’ competition and artistic show, which, in turn, is expected to make the exposition more interesting and attractive to the public.  

All places involved will join hands to organize exhibitions as an effort to make the event more functional in serving the whole province. This year, sub exhibition venues were said to have been opened in Gongzhuling, Yushu and Mt. Lianhu Eco-friendly Tourism Resort. In addition, online investment attraction, purchasing and exhibition have been made possible to make more people benefit from the exposition.  

Innovation Made to Provide Visitors Fresh and New Contents  

The venue is the still the same but the contents are made different every day. This year, a big batch of scientific demonstration, science popularization and sightseeing projects with new and fresh contents have been constructed or optimized as an effort to bring into play the role of the park in the demonstration and guidance of modern agriculture and construction of new countryside.  

The pavilion which is the nearest to the entrance of Gate 12 is the Wonderland of World Agriculture. “I am one of first visitors to the wonderland right after it was opened after construction. It is a nice place for taking pictures. It looks like the theme park Window of the World in Shenzhen,” said Ms. Zhu, a citizen who visits the exposition every year.  

The newly constructed greenhouses serve as a reflection of the new-type warmth protection mode in Northeast China. Among the new contents added to this year’s exposition include the exhibition of arborescence-style cultivation of passiflora edulis sims at Hi-tech Soilless Culture Section, household water cultivation at the sizable soilless culture section, the coconut bran matrix-based tomato cultivation at the substrate cultivation section and water systems and pavilions at the Garden for Tropical Fruits. The outdoor planting section has been made a place suitable for sightseeing and learning for agricultural producers.  

Internationalized, Professionalized Investment Attraction, Informationization Management Realized at Agri-Expo Park  

For investment attraction, Changchun Agri-Expo Park has improved the level of internationalization and professionalization to serve 200 plus enterprises from 21 countries and more than 2000 domestic exhibitors of special agricultural products.  

The organizing committee has also opened an online platform, with the whole Agri-Expo Park covered by WiFi. With the use of internet technology, online sale of tickets has been made possible, and the WeChat guidance system optimized as well.  

It is a gala for showing agricultural harvest and discussing mutual development. Changchun Agriculture Expo has already become a gold-lettered signboard in the field of agriculture expositions in China, and an increasingly famous brand agriculture exposition at home and abroad, which has been witnessing the great changes of agriculture, and showcasing the fruitful agricultural achievements. The special culture and tourism represented by such events as Changchun Agriculture Expo of the culture industry of Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone is becoming a powerful propeller for the development and improvement of recognition of Changchun City.