FAQ of Changchun "Venue Code"

Updated : 2022-12-06Source : CCFAO
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Question 1: What is the "venue code"?

The "venue code" is a unique QR code generated for each indoor space and venue, identifying the location, name and other information of the venue. Scanning the "venue code" is an important means of entry and exit registration, and plays an important role in the regular epidemic prevention and control.

Question 2: What is the purpose of the "venue code"?

Firstly, scanning the code actively and registering automatically can simplify the operation process;

Secondly, it helps protect personal information and avoid disclosure of personal privacy through manual registration;

Thirdly, it is convenient for accurate traceability and screening. In case of local epidemic situation, the activity track of relevant personnel can be traced quickly by scanning the code record, and the contact personnel can be found in time to gain valuable time to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

Question 3: How to scan the "venue code"?

Before scanning the "venue code", you need to register the "Smart Changchun" account.

Registration via WeChat: search the "Smart Changchun" applet on the mobile WeChat terminal, click to register, fill in the basic information and conduct face recognition.

Registration via Alipay: search the "Smart Changchun" applet on Alipay's home page, and click authorization to achieve one click account registration (only for Alipay accounts registered in real name).

After registration, you can scan the "venue code" through Alipay or WeChat scanning function.

Question 4: How do the elderly use the "venue code"?

For the elderly without smart phones, their accompanying personnel can use the "Add Accompanying Personnel" function to scan the code on behalf of the elderly, or contact the venue code management personnel to help them register through the "ID Number Verification" function at the background management terminal. The venue manager can also record the information of the elderly entering the venue by manual registration.

Question 5: How can venue managers help foreigners use the "venue code"?

They can remind foreigners and their accompanying personnel to use the "Add Accompanying Personnel" function to scan the code for registration, or the venue code management personnel can help them to register the personnel information through the "Certificate Number Verification" function at the background management terminal, or record the information of foreigners entering the venue by manual registration.

Question 6: What should I do if my account fails to log in normally?

If your name, phone number and ID card number are automatically filled in incorrectly or you have to return to the login interface after face recognition, you can ask others to fill in the "venue code problem" in the "Smart Changchun" WeChat applet through the "Snapshot" function for feedback, and technicians will solve it in a timely manner.

Question 7: What if it is inconvenient to register in public places and via face recognition?

You can log in to Alipay or WeChat in advance to register for "Smart Changchun" during your stay at home or before going out. After that, you don't need to register or log in again when scanning the venue code to avoid the exposure risk caused by face recognition in public places.

Question 8: How do venue managers apply for the "venue code"?

The public venue manager can enter the "venue code" page of the "Smart Changchun" WeChat applet by clicking the "venue code application" to fill in the information as required and submit the application, and click "venue QR code poster" after passing to download the poster of the corresponding size and print it for pasting.

Venue code technical support: 0431-88779362, 88779363