27th China-South Korea (Changchun--Ulsan) Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Opens

Updated : 2022-09-19Source : CCFAO
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On September 14, the 27th China-South Korea (Changchun--Ulsan) Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition opened at the central cultural hall in Ulsan Metropolitan City, South Korea. This event is a Sino-Korea calligraphy and painting exchange activity held in the context of commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea and the China-South Korea Cultural Exchange Year. The works of 244 calligraphers and painters from China and South Korea are exhibited, including works of 106 calligraphers and painters from Changchun and works of 138 calligraphers and painters from South Korea.

At the opening ceremony, the chairman of the Ulsan Fine Arts Association, the chairman of the Art Federation, and the cultural policy officer of the Ulsan government attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon for exhibition opening. Ulsan citizens who like paintings and calligraphy works visited the exhibition, and the paintings and calligraphy works of Changchun were well received by the visitors. The exhibition runs until September 19. Ulsan Daily News and Gyeongsang Daily reported on the preparations and progress of the event. In 1994, the first China-South Korea (Changchun--Ulsan) Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition was held. Since then, the two cities have alternately held the exhibition for successive years, and this year the event is held for the 27th session.