FAW Jiefang Remains Leading Position in Commercial Vehicle Market

Updated : 2021-09-07Source : CCFAO
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In the first half of the year, FAW Jiefang sold 340,000 trucks, remaining the first in commercial vehicle market in terms of a record in the first half year or a record in a single month, respectively. In July when the Beijing VI Standard was implemented, FAW Jiefang maintained its strong momentum, making its 800000th truck go off product line and securing two first prizes in the industry. Since last July, FAW Jiefang has sold nearly 15,000 trucks and delivered 16,000, maintaining its leading position with a proved strong performance in the market. 

In the second half of the year when the new standard will completely replace the old one, Jiefang will make a quick adjustment of state of mind, and a flexible marketing strategy to ensure all marketing measures can be implemented as well as expected, thereby making breakthroughs in quality and quantity on the basis of being the first in terms of sold heavy trucks for five consecutive years, the first around the world in terms of sold medium and heavy-duty trucks for four consecutive years, the first in the world in terms of sold heavy trucks of a single brand for three consecutive years and the first in Chin in terms of brand value for ten consecutive years.