Dexiang’s Broiler Chicken Project to Go Operational in May 2022

Updated : 2021-09-07Source : CCFAO
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“More than half of the civil work has now been completed, and the whole will have been completed by the end of the year for the preparation of making the project go operational in May next year.” All workers, carrying materials or operating machineries, are seen working back and forth at the construction site of the project of processing 100 million broiler chickens a year invested by Jilin Dexiang Foods Co., Ltd. at the Yihe Village, Buhai Town of Dehui City. Project manager Zhang Jintao introduced the ongoing project. 

The project covers a land area of 73,000 square meters on which RMB310 million will be invested for a capacity of processing 100 million broiler chickens for which workshops of processing, cutting, packaging, refrigerating, electromechanics, sewage treatment, cooked meat processing will be established. 

Since the winter of 2020, the project has been pushed forward as scheduled for going operational in May 2022. Upon completion, it will have a capacity of processing 100 broiler chickens based on which 250,000 tons of chicken products and 20,000 tons of cooked meats can be handled per year. The annual sales is estimated to reach RMB3 billion, which in turn, will help more than 1,200 people get employed directly, and meanwhile bring about jobs of breeding and transportation for about 10,000 people in the surrounding areas.